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Because of the lithium-ion batteries in electric cars, the ship’s fires are heavy and very difficult to control: What a few shipbuilders or their employees know, according to a senior oil expert.

Tony It Hot, director of the Glasgow-based Maritime Training Institute (SMT), believes that crews on containers of electric trucks will suffer serious damage or worse unless they understand what caused the batteries to burn and how to light the fire.

“The fact that electric car batteries are so hot when they are hot on the beach is often overlooked,” he said. “People don’t realize how dangerous lithium-ion batteries are, so the shipping industry needs courses on how to fight fires — especially since we haven’t seen very little flames on ships in recent years due to car batteries.

This year, a maritime training provider, SMT, will launch a two-day course led by the Dutch National Institutes on fire safety for ships carrying lithium-ion batteries. One common cause is overheating of the entire battery-pack.

During the course of the course, trainees will learn about electric vehicle batteries and other combustible industrial fuels such as ammonia, hydrogen and methanol. They also study the carbon footprint of these energy sources. Day Two will see the participants conduct practical firefighting sessions at the SMT Training Institute in Glasgow, Scotland.

“Aluminum car batteries have eight times more power than normal, and if they burn, they can burn themselves,” said Int Hut. Anyone who works on a ship must understand how to deal with such a situation that we will cover on the second day of school. Another example: If you have a boat with a hydrogen truck, an aluminum battery truck and an LNG truck in the event of a fire: what should the crew do in that situation? Most sailors do not know because they do not have proper training. ”

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during fires caused by electric car batteries. A fire broke out in May 2019 Grand Europe Roro, about 25 miles from the Palma de Mallorca in the Mediterranean. Just two months ago, Grand America Roro sank into the Biscay Sea after drowning. It is believed that the car’s batteries continued to catch fire on both ships owned by the Italian Roro operator Grimaldi Group.

More recently, firefighters have had to burn flames Breim, The Norwegian passenger ship, whose battery was burned on March 12, 2021, was said to have taken the children on a school trip earlier in the day due to an overcharged battery. Fortunately, none of the crew were injured after the fire.

“If you have a burning battery, you can throw a blanket over it or put it in an open container truck filled with water, as we do in the Netherlands,” he said. “The chemical in the battery runs on its own, so you need water to cool it. This is one of the many things we teach in our teaching. ”

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