CNG stations are at risk due to limited gas supply

Karachi: The Federation of Pakistani Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FCC) has expressed concern over government policies, the RLNG-related CNG pricing system, gas shipments and indigenous supply to CNG stations in Cindy. . Gas.

FCCC President Myan Nasser Hayat Maggo told the media on Thursday that the leadership of CNG associations said 70 to 80 popular CNG stations were still receiving 1,350 / MMBTU of domestic gas and the rest had to be paid. 2,040 / MMBTU excluding taxes. They called the act discriminatory and unfair. According to the FCC official, huge investments in CNG stations were in jeopardy as the stations were about to close. First of all, the economic motivation behind the introduction of CNG has been eroded by CNG stations in Cindy.

FPCCI Standing Committee on LNG and Natural Resources has called the situation a “survival crisis.” Cost-effective and environmentally friendly fuel can lead to the closure of CNG stations, resulting in thousands of jobs.

Sales tax on CNG stations has been increased from 5 percent to 17 percent, adding to the burden on the sector’s profitability and sustainability.

CNG Distributors Association Shabbir Suleiman said CNG stations have agreed with the RLNG regime, which has agreed to provide uninterrupted gas supply, tax incentives and discounts to CNG stations. However, everything was reversed and the exact opposite treatment was transferred to CNG stations. Mago extended his full support to the leadership of the CNG Distributors Association, and agreed to play a mediating role with the FPCCI Forum to quickly address all issues of fair pricing and uninterrupted supply to all government officials.

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