Clyde training solutions expand renewable supply

Clyde Training Solutions (CTS), recognized as a major marine and marine training center in central Scotland, is expanding GWO’s renewable training infrastructure and course offerings.

Known as a GAA-certified training provider since 2018, CTS has invested heavily in a GWO training facility that has been set up among two other training towers to build advanced and advanced rescue training.

The expanded course offers five industry safety training modules – altitude, marine survival, fire awareness, manual handling and first aid, with the following advanced rescue training.

Pending GWO certification courses are scheduled to begin in mid-September 2021.

Clyde Training Solutions Director John Abate: “We are proud to offer a wide range of quality, multi-industry training on Clyde Training Solutions to our global customer base.

The investment in GWO infrastructure and industry-trained trainees is a clear indication of support for the renewable sector.

At an accessible location in Glasgow, windmills provide the opportunity for all necessary safety training.

CTS is one of the few providers in the world that offers GWO training as a whole, versatile technology, as a complement to future renewable complementary technical training, and high-end virtual reality initiatives.

Before embarking on the physical training, the delegates will be given an amazing training experience every time they go into the wind turbine training and enter the wind turbine nickel.

C Presented by Clyde Training Solutaire
John Abate

The father, who oversaw the creation of GWO training facilities in various locations along the east coast of the UK, Taiwan and the US, added: Entering the sector.

It allows them to get acquainted with the environment in which they work, in accordance with our “super competence” ethics before they start training.

Using a mix of traditional and digital training innovation, CTS is designing and implementing unique customer solutions that improve the sector’s security, efficiency and business performance.

Chris McDonald, general manager, added: “Clyde training solutions are an exciting time. Our recent commitment to increase our status as an internationally recognized multidisciplinary training center is a testament to this recent investment.

“While the global hydrocarbon industry is dying, it is clear that society is moving toward a carbon-neutral economy every year.

We will do our part to support that transition by providing training programs that ensure the presence of qualified, competent professionals in the field.

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