Cloudflare Destroys Intel Xeon CPUs at “Massive” Power Consumption –

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The company’s 11th generation servers will be replaced by AMD EPYC 7713 CPUs instead




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The new generation of Cloudflare servers will not be compatible with Intel Xeon CPUs due to their “massive” power consumption.

The company’s hardware engineering team has completed the latest Intel Xeon CPUs based on Lake Ice architecture and evaluated various chips for its “Generation 11” servers, not energy efficient enough to meet its needs.

Instead, the company has chosen to continue using AMD EPYC CPUs for development servers from mid-2020. Because the two lines are approximately equal in performance, Cloudflare claims to use less power than AMD chips.


“We have reviewed ITS ‘latest’ Ice Lake ‘Xeon processors,” said Chris Howell, a Clawflare platform operator.

“Although Intel chips can compete with AMDM in terms of raw performance, the power consumption was several hundred watts higher per server – that’s huge. This means that Intel’s performance in one watt was not impressive. ”

The decision comes in the wake of claims that the company is trying to reduce operating costs and overall energy consumption in a way that fits and works well. For example, Cloudflare terabyte has shifted from three Samsung 960 GB drives to two 1.92 TB units to gain capacity and six watts of power consumption.

In April, Intel launched third-generation Intel Xeon Data Center CPUs, claiming that they were the only data center processors with built-in AI and advanced security capabilities.

However, Cloud Flare won these CPUs because parts of the company did not meet the energy consumption standards. However, Howell added that Cloneflare did not prevent the use of Intel CPUs in generations of servers.

The company previously deployed AMD EPYC 7642 processors in its “Generation 10” servers, these 48-core CPUs based on AMD’s second-generation EPYC architecture named after Rome. Previously, Cloneflare used a two-socket Intel platform in “Generation 9” systems, and the jump between the previous two generations was described as enormous.

For ‘Generation 11’ servers, Cloudflare, along with AMD’s third-generation EPYC CPUs, reviewed the Intel Xeon chips named after Milan. Based on sample performance CPUs at various major computing levels, Cloudflare opted for a 64-core AMD EPYC 7713 CPU to be integrated into these servers.

These chips are compatible with 384 GB DDR4-3200 RAM in 256 GB DDR4-2933 RAM configuration on “Generation 10” servers.

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