Climate – Points accused of “green washing” by children in carbon dioxide education

Edwin Potts was asked to present his new “carbon dioxide” education to his colleagues, agri-food corporations, and his class.

It was after the Minister funded the project to educate children on “the impact of their daily behavior on our climate.”

James Orr, director of the Earth NI, described the move as “supportive” by the “leadership” on climate change, not by the minister and the department.

Mr Orr said: “If there is a lesson in carbon science, it should be given to large agricultural food corporations that support unpredictable propaganda on climate change. And while he was there, he taught carbon offsets to his classmates in Northern Ireland who were fighting a net zero target.

“This is the part that sows peas with citrus spruce trees and supports our large carbon washers, Petland lands with ammonia, and gas from factory farms.

Probably a carbon literacy course may be offered to a ministerial staffer in the economy to avoid new oil licenses.

The course, which began before COP26, is being offered to schools and community groups and will be delivered in Northern Ireland on behalf of the department.

“I believe that the launch and improvement of the carbon reading project in the UK, which hosts COP26, will help provide a lasting legacy beyond COP26,” he said.

“Education for the next generation plays a key role. I know this is a matter of concern for many people, so I want to use that power to bring about positive change.

Mr Orr added: “For young people, carbon dioxide means anything, money and energy must be an important part of the curriculum on how to prevent effective climate change here and around the world.”

“Let’s start with an accident course before the COP.”

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Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Affairs has partnered with the Ulster Farmers’ Union to coordinate the United Nations Climate Change Conference-October 26, 20 October 2021.

Named the “Agriculture and Climate Change – Rural COP Event”, the event focuses on raising awareness on climate issues, highlighting past positive actions, and applying agricultural practices to climate change mitigation.

“We recognize that there are challenges, but it is important that the sector builds on its success,” he said. To support the overall success of the UK Net Zero, especially as we move into the carbon economy and society as a whole. ”

The event is part of a broader rural rural copy initiative in the UK aimed at highlighting rural voices, raising concerns and contributing to climate change before COP26.

For his part, UFU President Victor Chestent said, “Along with everyone in the agri-food sector, they have a key role to play in reducing emissions. We are part of a solution to climate change and we are committed to taking the lead in global affairs. ”

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