Classes to give men confidence in the new program

A well-known local organization dedicated to helping girls build self-confidence, self-esteem, leadership and positive relationships, is pleased to announce its partner Boys Trust.

A well-known local organization dedicated to helping girls build self-confidence, self-esteem, leadership and positive relationships, is pleased to announce its partner Boys Trust.

Nancy Lemon, founder and CEO, is thrilled to have launched an amazing program for young men – “The response was amazing. I think we have more of the men’s program now than the girls. We need to teach young men to respect, honor, and be strong. Working with both boys and girls is always a long-term goal.

Lemon Grace is delighted to receive the program as director of the program.

“I believe that most of the subscribers are people who know and trust him,” he added.

She knows that she has the strength and stamina to be a great role model for young people.

In his opinion, Boys With Confidence has developed a curriculum that covers many topics that are important to both men and young men. In elementary school, it involves being bold, trying new things, developing moral and social skills, building positive friendships, managing emotions and stress, and learning from mistakes without worrying about perfection. It builds on these topics in middle and high school courses and includes self-confidence and self-love, falling on the path of social media, developing general leadership skills and understanding different personalities.

The regular seminar is held every week for four weeks.

Lemon explains, “When I decided to start Boys with confidence, what was different about the girls’ program? Men don’t necessarily want to do handicrafts, but they enjoy using their hands in other ways. We follow the same format for group discussions and games, but with the men, we do a lot of experimentation and things. The articles reflect the experiences of girls. ”

For example, for the upcoming elementary seminar, they will make puzzles with pomegranates, balloons and cups. Boys also compete to cut LEGO numbers from log ice.

Explaining how this relates to the lesson, Lemon smiles – “Sometimes, feelings with young men can do one of two things – we don’t all know and stop talking about it and we don’t know what’s going on, or they may be the opposite. They share all their feelings of anger and frustration. These activities can help us to deal with that frustration, both internally and externally. We want them to manage those feelings properly and talk about their feelings. ”

In addition, men will have the opportunity to work with animals on the farm. Boys proud participants can help with seven goats, 13 chickens and two rabbits. Working with animals teaches proper communication of responsibilities and emotions.

Just like confident girls, confident men meet in age and class. The first series begins this September with self-confident children prepared for elementary school. Men with character come next to older students. Middle school consists of grades five through eight, and the high school program begins the next school year in November or December. He also plans to have a boycott party where young men volunteer in the community at restaurants, fun activities and games, and Boys Giving back.

Confident Girls will still be able to present its proven programs for girls as well as self-confident mothers and ladies on Thursday, October 21st. For Mothers at this event, a fundraiser will be held to collect all the proceeds from the nonprofit. Lemon Trust and Leadership Foundation, which allows Lemon to give scholarships to children and work on special projects.

The boys now meet confident girls in a building, but Lemon is already considering adding a separate building for the young men. After the post-epidemic, she hopes to be able to present both programs in local schools again.

For more information, the full program schedule, registration and pricing, call 571-2002 or visit Confident girls are conveniently located on 10540 Browning Street. By Litia.

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