Classes of the Clamacas Community College are adapting to climate change

The Free Workshop Series is for anyone in need of indoor gardening, with a focus on recovery.

Klakamas Community College Environmental Education Center is offering a free workshop for wildlife and water quality home gardeners focusing on adapting to our changing climate. Learn how to make a garden with little water, choose heat-resistant trees and shrubs.

Sign up for one or all of the following courses, where professionals can share their experiences, stories, and best practices, leaving room for discussion and gardening questions.

January 21 â € ““ Garden with Low Water ”

A.D. 2020 has seen it all – heat waves, droughts and wildfires. How can a gardener save water and enjoy the beautiful flowers and landscapes when the weather is warm? Learn tips on how to improve your garden with less water.

January 28 â € “Birds in Your Garden”

Birds help us see the effects of climate change – they are amazed by the fires and the heat, and by the unexpected. Help these travelers with the accommodations they need. Learn how to create a rich bird sanctuary in your own backyard.

February 4 â € “Healthy Trees”

Trees provide many benefits, including wildlife habitat, energy conservation and rainwater harvesting. They are also an excellent protection against climate change as they remove carbon dioxide from the air. However, after last year’s hurricane, many were forced to re-evaluate their backyard trees. In this session, learn how to choose strong varieties and stay healthy in difficult situations

February 11 â € “Non-Chemical Pest Control”

One of the most exciting predictions for climate change is that there may be many mice, ants, and other pests in our home. So, how can it be controlled without introducing toxins into the water basin? Get amazing insights on how to control these pests safely.

A.D. February 18 â € ““ Soil for Basin Safety ”

Healthy soil rich in organic matter and microbes is great for plants, but it also helps to reduce the impact of those adverse weather events that go along with changing weather. During this session, experts will share strategies to improve soil capacity to reduce the impact of floods and droughts.

A.D. February 25 â € “Impossible HardSpace”

Keeping water lines healthy in the face of climate change requires a reduction in the amount of wastewater that enters. It is a great solution because it allows water to seep into the ground instead of running off the road and running down the road before entering a storm drain. Find out how and where to use wildlife and water-resistant hard surfaces.

March 4 â € “Non-Chemical Weed Prevention”

Weeds â € “every gardener is a weed. They present challenges with invasion, perseverance, and sustainable nature. Explore how climate change has affected their growth and reproduction and learn about pest-free solutions to solve them in the garden.

CCC Workshop Series

When: 12: 45 pm Friday, January 21 – March 4

Cost: free

WhereSign up for zoom on

Participants: Classes are supported by Clarkmas Water Area Services. Community partners include the North Clarkas Reservoir Council, the Oak Lodge Water Service, Oregon City Public Works and the Clarmas River Water Supply.

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