Clarion-Limestone board will move forward on construction projects

Clarion TWP., PA (EYT) – Clarion: Limston School Board heard a talk from a consulting firm and took a step forward on a construction project during a meeting on Wednesday evening.

The Board and the participants heard a presentation from a SiteLogIQ representative on possible improvements in elementary school, including the improvement of the HVAC system, windows, and access points.

One of the main focus was on the designated air quality system. It was stated during the discussion that this is not an air conditioning system but a small cooling system that will improve the overall air quality of the building.

Another focus is on improving the entrance to the building, which is a safe entrance where visitors to the school cannot continue without security.

Finally, the addition of 7,300 square feet of gymnasium to bathrooms is also being considered.

During the presentation, a SiteLogIQ representative stated that they would provide two types of funding for these projects, some of which fall under the category of certified energy saving projects.

The GESA Enforcement Act allows school districts to apply for construction discounts through the “Proposal Request” process listed in the Act. Contracts for the lowest bidder.

SiteLogIQ can provide the district with a list of previous contractors and, with the school, direct inquiries and decisions. Another benefit is that under GESA, no change orders can be entered unless the district changes the scope of the project, which protects the school district from unforeseen costs.

However, parts of the project will fall under Gesa, while other parts of the project will have to go through a bid. The total cost of the project is over $ 10 million.

SiteLogIQ Another benefit is the educational opportunities available to students in the school, which provides programs for students to learn during construction projects in the district.

Parts of the project are in the conceptual stage, and after the briefing, the Board voted Monday, December 6, to officially announce the award of the Energy Savings Project.

Reorganization meeting

The next meeting of the Board will be held at the High School Hall on Monday, December 6, at 6 p.m.

Another business

In another trade board approved the following:

– Purchase a baseball uniform for the 2021-22 baseball season at approximately $ 3,333.75.

– SAT Prep Course Instructor Supplemental Contracts $ 237.00 per course for teacher Holly Pence and Jane Simpson for the 2021-22 academic year.

The following high school courses, beginning in the 2022-23 school year, include the organic organic chemistry course and the biology course (PBA).

– The school district pays $ 20.00 per unit for one device repair or replacement in accordance with applicable Internet and computer technology policy.

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