Chloe Munro Scholarship to Honor Young Leader

New scholarship opportunity to support new women leaders in renewable energy, energy management and carbon reduction

The Chloe Munro Scholarship for Transformation Leadership was last week supported by the Council of Pure Energy and the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning by 10 of the country’s leading renewables and companies.

The CCC was established as the first chairman of the Federal Government’s Energy Regulatory Authority in recognition of Munro’s “huge legacy”.

“Chalo Munro has made a huge impact on public policy and clean energy, energy management and the development of carbon markets across Australia,” said CEC head Ken Torton.

Her leadership in these areas has been met with enthusiasm and determination to support and nurture the next generation of leaders.

Challo Munro has been in charge of CER for five years.

A.D. After leaving CNN in 2017, Munro worked with former Chief Scientist Dr. Alan Finkel on an independent review of the future security of the National Electric Market, and in July of that year, the Pure Energy Council received a significant contribution to the industry award.

A.D. In 2018, Munro was appointed Australian Command Officer (AO) to provide exceptional service to public administration in leadership roles in renewable energy, water and climate change and reform and performance arts.

In the same year, Munro accepted the role of a professional partner at Monash University To the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Imperial Investment Group Solar Investment Fund with Venerable Len Crocett.

In her own words, she received a new scholarship to Victoria Energy Minister Lily de Ambrosio, including public service in Victoria and the federal government for more than three decades.

“He has had a profound impact on many sustainable public policy issues,” says De Ambrosi. “This scholarship is an important way for us to continue that impact.”

The scholarship is funded by 14 young women leaders who will receive funding for one of two courses offered by Women and Leadership Australia in the first year and an additional scholarship over the next five years.

The first round of scholarships includes four places in the executive readiness course, a seven-month development program for middle and senior leaders, and 10 places in the Leadership Program, a four-month development program for pre-management and managers.

Contributors to the study include the Australian Energy Market Operator, ARNA, Pure Energy Finance Corporation, Carbon Market Institute, Energy Efficiency Council and Monaser Energy Institute.

Contributing companies included UPC / AC Renew Australia’s GoldWind, Hydro Tasmania and Impact Investment Group – with the latter considered Munron as chairman of the solar division.

The Australian Energy Market Commission’s Anna Collier, along with “several staff members of the Energy Safety Board”, has been recognized for her contribution to the scholarship.

You can read RenewEconomy’s June tax for Chloe Munro here.

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