Chiropractors prioritize health and wellness

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Dr. Colin Denton-Pratter did not always know she wanted to start a family business. Her father knew that she would become a chiropractor in the eighth grade, but she realized that until she completed her undergraduate degree, she could pursue her diet and fitness as a chiropractor.

“I love fitness and health,” said Desta Grant, a graduate of the University of Miami.

For her top stone, Denton-Prater studied the most accurate way to measure and evaluate body composition. She believes she works in a hospital to follow her love. Her father, Dr. Max Denton, told her that as a chiropractor, she could specialize in diet and fitness.

Dr. Colin Denton-Prater (front-left) joins her husband (front-center) with her father's (front-center) chiropractic practice.  Denton-Prater is now the owner of Denton-Prater Chiropractic and Natural Health.

After starting Denton-Pratter at the National University of Health Sciences, Denton encouraged his daughter to see acupuncture. Denton-Porter was not really interested, but she took it as a choice anyway. Later, she began taking additional courses over the weekend and eventually became a member of the American Board of Chiropractic Acupuncture, where she served for six years.

Denton-Pratter was not the only acupuncturist who brought her to Marion. She met her husband, Dr. Tim Prater, a director of student athletics at the National University of Health Sciences. The two became friends when Praetor organized Chiro games.

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