China’s high-tech anti-flood efforts

China’s interior has been hit by heavy rains and floods since mid-July. Shortly after the flood, a series of Fengine satellites developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CCC) were used to provide real-time analysis and follow-up observation data.

FY-4B satellite, inter alia, has been activated in high-frequency imaging mode to continuously monitor rain patterns and trends. In addition, Gaofen-series satellites, including GF-3 and GF-6, provided essential services to the Ministry of Emergency Management and on-site rescue teams by monitoring the situation and adjusting the relief effort.

In addition to supply carts and epidemics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can also be used to explain and communicate. It was flooded, domestic water and electricity were cut off in many residential areas, and the Zhengzu city water supply plant had to be repaired.

As a 300-meter in-flight invention, the Tiansu-A8 Monong drone is equipped with a 24-hour duty immediately after assisting in the process of cleaning the pool with video surveillance and electric lighting. Meanwhile, the Wing Long 2H unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have revived the 50-square-meter mobile communication network, coordinating productivity.

Improved relationships between humanity and technology

The Dolphin-1 life-saving robot, a modern lifeboat with two or three adults up to three meters per second, was transported to flood-affected areas and built on a remote control, allowing the hunters to operate faster. And he stretched it out exactly to the victims.

Another type of intelligence device – an emergency floating bridge – was installed in one night to transport 1,400 people detained in the city of Shinshiang. It is one of the pioneering water rescue equipment designed by the Chinese Maritime Construction Corporation (CCCC) and can be used to cope with changing circumstances and ensure the rehabilitation of injured people, hence the name “Save Lives”. Bridge. ”

Advances in technologies that testify to China’s progress

Today, a devastating flood once again presents a severe challenge for China. Only then has the strategy of the masses been replaced by human-technological reinforcements, which has helped to make Henna’s empire more proactive.

Not only did China support poverty reduction, green development and civil infrastructure, but also contributed to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, China successfully completed the world’s first genetic virus, completing the viral genome sequence. , Developed one billion doses of vaccine and exported half of its products to help more than 100 countries.

Over the past seven decades, China has been of great importance and has shown strong commitment to scientific and technological innovation from a strategic and long-term perspective. China has achieved remarkable successes such as man-made spacecraft, deep-sea diving, high-speed rail, super-hybrid rice, Artemisine, 5G, and countless successes in the world.

According to OpenGov Asia, according to OpenGov Asia, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology has played an important role in China’s efforts to build a middle-class society. China has taken a number of practical steps to promote socio-economic development in science and technology, promote innovation, support the transfer of research and industry, and encourage more investment in scientific and technological infrastructure.

The ministry has worked with a number of provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions to encourage the institute to collaborate with colleagues in underdeveloped western regions, as well as to establish technology-oriented coastal organizations in the West. Promoting investment, business, and talented people has helped underdeveloped areas to build their own high-tech industries, train local professionals, and create more jobs.

In addition, higher education courses such as Artificial Intelligence (II), Quantum Information, Advanced Manufacturing, Brain Science, and Flight Technology remain at the top of the Ministry’s support list.

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