China began experimenting with technology to assemble solar panels from rotating panels

A Chinese land-based solar power plant is expected to be completed by the end of 2021, and a key project member told state media that it has conducted power transmission tests up to 300 meters. Chinese Science Daily.

Member of the project Zang Yuanchang is a professor at the School of Microelectronics and Communication Engineering at Chongqing University. The Bishan Space Solar Power Station, also known as Bishan Base, is located 45 minutes away from the university. The foundation has a history of the past. It was a concept in 2010, but it has started and stopped since political and financial pressures intervened. The project has been scheduled for June.

A ground-based station is designed to collect solar power wirelessly at solar panel power stations. Solar energy collected in space does not affect the weather or the so-called “night” stress.

Bishan Base is set to become China’s first major power station to test, integrate and develop this new way of using energy. But for now, the researchers are building a small test power station by 2030, and to do so the team will have to test low-voltage transmissions before moving on to a two-kilometer high-voltage transmission line. Finally, it transmits wirelessly from Orbit. A.D. By 2050, China dreams of becoming a full-fledged solar power plant.

Zing told him Chinese Science Daily The research team is currently using high-altitude balloons as a floating platform to conduct 300-meter-high microwave power transmission tests.

The concept of solar panels that reflect wireless energy to the earth is not new. A.D. In 1941, Isaac Asimov described such technology in his short story in science fiction Reason And in the early 1970s, Peter Glass acquired a patent for the design of a microwave to transmit power from satellites to Earth.

NASA has researched the concept several times, and the Japanese Space Agency (JAKA)

The United States Navy Research Laboratory has advanced tests and laboratories to test the technology, and Caltech is currently injecting an undisclosed billionaire donation.

British Space Energy Initiative TV has commissioned a research mission and has promised to provide direct radiation to stationary and mobile devices using the latest British company International Electric (CASSIOPeiA).

But now, in China, clean solar energy is expected to reach new heights every day or night at Chongqing University, Zong and Test Balloon.

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