Chevy Bolt production stops by the end of 2021

If you are the owner of a Chevy Bolt damaged by battery memory due to a fire, you are lucky. In September, General Motors began producing new battery cells to address the production deficit caused by nearly a dozen fires. GM says it will replace the full battery pack and some battery modules in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 cars by 2020 and newer cars.

In September, GMS released a statement stating, “GM and LG have identified two rare faults in a single battery cell in the modular manufacturing process. The company explained earlier that the reason was a cracked anode tab and a bent disconnect in the battery modules.

If you are looking to buy a new Chevy Bolt or EUV, but you are lucky. The production has been closed at Orion Factory since August 23. pin up.

Production resumed on November 1 but stopped again on November 15. The cars built during those two weeks were built to replace some of the cars in the hands of the current Bolt owners, such as the. Detroit News.

Last week, GMS spokesman Dan Flores issued a statement: This decision will allow us to continue to prioritize memory repairs. At the beginning of 2022, we will continue to notify our staff of any additional product program adjustments in a timely manner, as we continue to focus on replacement of battery modules.

Last week, Orion Plant Director Reuben Jones wrote to staff: “Beyond 2021, our production program is focused on providing new vehicles to help our customers who are affected by memory. “We are not building any new cars in Orion for the rest of this year and we will look into restarting production next year. happy Holidays.”

To be taken

Chevy Bolt is a great car. Not good, but decent. If it weren’t for the battery fire, my wife and I would have just bought a replacement for the Nissan LEAF last year so that we could travel long distances and fast. We could buy three bolts that we would pay for Model Wi this week.

America is desperately looking for good EVs that ordinary people can buy. Everyone is running towards the high end of the market. Bolt is everyone’s car – or at least it was. Who knows how this fragmented battery with new batteries will affect the sales and prices of used cars? It’s really a shame. We only hope that GM will withstand this storm and return the bolt to production as soon as possible. He should be in the conversation when Americans talk about how they can be part of the EVA revolution.

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