Chevron’s general manager warns of high energy prices and more

If you missed it, here are some of Rigzon’s top stories from last week…

Chevron’s general manager warns of high energy prices

According to Blovberg, the world is facing high energy prices in the future as oil and natural gas producers oppose renewable energy, according to Chevron.

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USA EIA announces new oil price forecast

The United States Energy Information Administration (IAA) released the latest average Brent spot price forecasts in September Short Strength Energy View (STEO). STEO, however, remains subject to high levels of insecurity related to the recovery of the HIV-19 epidemic, the EIA said.

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Texas could soon experience another hurricane

Earlier this week, Restad Energy Oil market analyst Nishant Bushhan warned of a Nicholas storm. He noted at the time that the risk of disruption was greater than the risk of disruption, which was a major concern for producers and traders.

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Chuck Norris gave Acre the most difficult job in the world

Chuck Norris has single-handedly tackled the world’s biggest challenges such as carbon offsetting and converting the sun’s rays into electricity, but now he’s turning the torch into Acre, the group’s new tongue-in-cheek campaign.

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Dragon LNG launches new drug testing technology

Dragon LNG has become the first company in the global gas industry to deploy new fingerprint testing technology, according to a statement posted on the test provider’s website.

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Venezuela’s heavy oil project stocks are confusing

In a recent statement to Rigzon, Global Data indicated that Venezuela’s heavy oil reserves remain.

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