Chennai: IITs, ICC launches 12-week course on electric vehicles | Cheney News – Indian Times

Chennai – The Institute of Technology of India (IIT) and the Institute of Science of India (ICC) have jointly launched courses on electric vehicles and renewable energy, IoT design for objects, and business and sustainable development for students and professionals. The courses are free and students who need a certificate must pay 1,000 rubles and write an exam.
The courses are 12 weeks long and are offered through the SWAYAM forum. Courses are taught by IITs and IISc by faculty members. The deadline for applying for the July-December semester is August 2. The courses are offered in a national program on technology-sponsored NPTEL.
“We have identified these areas that drive courses. The courses will equip students and professionals in these areas and help them find jobs, ”said Vingesh Mutawian, NPTEL coordinator at IIT Madras.
These courses are already very popular among students. “About 10,000 students enrolled in electric vehicles and renewable energy courses, 19,000 for IoT design and 3,500 for business and sustainable development courses,” Muthuvijayan said.
The courses reflect the needs of the industry, he said. “Electric vehicle attracts course applicants because EVs are a trend in the automotive industry. Many automotive industry professionals are interested in working in this field. Everything from basic to industrial application will be learned in 12 weeks and the course content will be limited to the sector in India.
The courses not only focus on online, video lectures, but also interact with students on a weekly basis to solve problems based on the concepts given during the week. There will be a discussion forum and live meetings with faculty members to clear up any doubts. Students will be assessed on a weekly basis (25%) and 75% marks based on physical attendance tests, ”Mutawiyan said.
There are over 500 courses offered by NPTEL through the SWPTAM portal. Some popular courses include data science for engineers, programming courses in Python, C, C ++, machine learning, soft skills, project planning and control, and more. You can register for NPTEL courses at


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