Charlottesville has appointed new directors of parks and public residences

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Charlottesville City Mayor Arthur Dana Casler has been announced as the new Director of Parks and Recreation and Stacey Smalls as Public Works Director.

Their first date will be Monday, December 20.

Casler was recently the director of parks and recreation in Louisville, with more than 14,000 acres of parks, natural areas, golf course, water facilities and other parks.

“Dana has expressed a strong desire to work with the Parks and Recreation Department team,” said Sam Sanders, the city’s deputy general manager. “He is coming to Charlottesville with experience in the operation of large parks and is ready to face the many challenges and opportunities here.” “I look forward to seeing Dana collaborate with the team and department leaders and bring the biggest organization to the lineup.”

Smoles worked as a director of wastewater collection at Public Works and Environmental Services in Fairfax County.

“I’m delighted to be able to take on this important role by overseeing different parts of the public service,” Sander said. “Stacey has a wonderful record of leading the team and keeping the day-to-day services consistent and efficient.

In addition to these new employees, the city has announced the promotion of Ryan Anthony as Deputy Director of Parks in Parks and Recreation. Ryan started this work in mid-November.

“Ryan is running on the ground and his knee is contagious,” Sander said. I know it will be useful for the Parks and Recreation Department leadership team.

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