Charleston College introduces four new programs

This fall, Charleston College will launch four new academic programs, giving students more options for future careers.

The programs include environmental geosciences, electrical engineering, nursing partnerships, and a minor in management, the college reported.

The new undergraduate degree in local science is a multidisciplinary program focused on serving the growing demand in the local sector. Students in the program begin to study general geology and learn how the environment changes in response to natural sciences and natural conditions.

Through the program, students will be able to apply geological foundations and apply for climate change, ecological pollution and energy resources, said Tim Kalahan, chairman of the Department of Geology and Environmental Geo Science.

The field was added following feedback from graduates, prospective students and employers. Eight students have announced local geo-science in the past few weeks, the college said.

“Geoscience really affects every aspect of life and can be used in all areas of work,” Kalahan said. “Every employer Any The sector needs someone who cares and respects the environment, who knows the language and who has knowledge of environmental sciences – corporations that seek to improve their environmental impact; Local, state and national government agencies; Policy makers; Security Forces ”

Charleston College of Electrical Engineering holds a bachelor’s degree in automotive design, which has enabled graduates to compete in the labor market.

“Our goal is to develop electrical engineers to the next level by designing, creating and managing complex control systems,” said Nariana Kuturumal, chairman of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. In addition, our liberal arts education can provide much to the engineer.

The new CofC administration focuses on helping students improve their management skills no matter what industry they enter. The college said students can study personality, intelligence, human resource management, team flexibility, organizational culture and strategy.

“A minor is a good option for business-minded students,” said Carrie Messal, chair of the Department of Management and Marketing. Courses in the program include traditional management topics such as planning, organizing, directing and supervising effective and efficient organizations.

Courses also include discussions on race, equality, sustainability, and creativity, which each student believes is important to participate in, regardless of the future.

With a new partnership between Charleston College and the University of South Carolina, Kofsi students can now earn a bachelor’s degree in biology and a science degree in nursing from the college in just 4.5 years, the college said.

Under the program, the Mississippi College of Nursing will receive up to six Coffey Biology courses per year in an accelerated science nursing program. Kofsi students may start applying as new students in the fall, but the rigorous process requires a small sum and pre-required science GPA.

“We are grateful to the College of Nursing at MUSC for working with us to put this program in place for the first part of 2021,” Karen said. Iperpt, director of the College Health Professional Counseling Program. It is a unique opportunity for selected students who want to enter direct nursing upon completion of their four-year degree in Coffee.

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