Changing the game

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A new course – the feast and be’ēšiporiti specialist Anthony D. pizizo, ’05, PhD Leads – university sports management video game and embrace the standard.

There is a stigma around the video game. You may have heard it anyway – or some differences.

They call him Anthony de Pizo, “05, PhD”, “a series of misconceptions.”

Pizezo players thinking identifying “the game is only interested in men who do not social” and a soda they drink, eat and doritošini only be placed in the ground. ”

In the past two decades, video games, millions of revenues changed into a lucrative industry in generating capacity. Electronic sports, commonly known as exports based on export, as individuals and as a competitive video game. He franchise and fans infrastructure, financial skills and produced television contracts.

Pizizo “We are governed by an event we see millions of dollars bewerewerebeti and still a lot of growth potential in young people today,” he said.

Anthony D. pizo, <05, PhD>” width=”300″ height=”300″ srcset=” 300w,×150.png 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px”/>Pizizo recent administrative and leadership as a teacher in the Early joined fekulitiwini University Business School.  This fall, he is leading a course on exports, including elements such as business concepts, strategic marketing, sales and partnerships in the sports industry.  (Another course is an understanding of the global economy and extensive academic experience leading studies in Japan.)</p>
<p>The expansion of Internet and video game popularity has helped to maintain firmly in place in pop culture in the 2010s, even though first started ten years ago.  The sports industry generated more than $ 775 million in 2018.  That figure could reach $ 1.1 billion by the end of 2021 and $ 1.6 billion by 2023.  Similarly, on the strength of advertising and sponsorship, ye’ēšiporitochi so high number of fans watched – from Bernstein  In 2018, 400 million occasional viewers will have 623 million repeat and occasional viewers by 2023.</p>
<p>Sports The university has a strong following in La Salle, where it has a vibrant learning community with a common interest in competitive sports.  Like last year, the administrative leadership and policy needs of professional sports channel, social media marketing, event planning, sports law and even outside the flexibility to meet the needs of Metered management discipline discipline students.</p>
<p>Pizizo “danger to the player,” Of course.  But it was not intended to diagnose his way always ships.</p>
<p>After graduating from La Salle, he worked as an accountant and financial analyst.  All this time he was looking for his college experience.  It is missing a constant learning environment.  He wanted to come back to campus.  “I thought I would get a PhD.  It would be easier than working as an accountant, ”he said, laughing.“ I was very, very wrong. ”</p>
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Research gives me the freedom to explore and bring this in part to the end of the day ginyitochēni (PE) activity, energy and growth āt’enekirelehu students with an intruder in a wonderful way. industry “
– Anthony D. pizo, <05, PhD>

He studied as a doctoral candidate, Temple University business management and sports management. Concurrent with his PhD, ye’ēšiporiti industry was iyefenede. Professional sports teams have firenišišitochi sports activities associated with them or found. A.D. In 2016, NBA Philadelphia 76ers club getting the first North American pro sports team and entered this place. Suddenly found inspiration pizizo ledišēmiretu-major brand names, groups, and companies to examine the cultural and mixed-audience how stakeholders. There were two key findings of his study.

Pizizo “First, video-players who have declared their athletes to make them,” he said. “Bekolējiti level, groups ye’ēšiporiti athletic departments are seeing this change and rotate when they receive their bikes around the playground as a method. Second, just like traditional sports, the use of exports requires constant contact as a social outlet. A group associated with construction. There are many different beliefs and you want to find success in unity.

Yepizozo interests retained in the data analysis and research. He magazine Business Research Journal dešiሧli the impact of component mech’ewochewini out wide and play on paper. He recently the Office Lee Sports Management Journal It reviews all sports articles in it. It is scheduled for digital printing by early December. Sports management, sports and cultural purposes viewer involved analyzing study is one of the most cited papers, project management and evaluation of the past five years.

Research gives me the freedom to explore and bring this activity to the end of the day in ginyitochēni part of industry, energy and growth āt’enekirelehu students with an intruder in a wonderful way, “said pizizo.

“Dr. Pizozo has become a great player in our faculty,” said Lin Miller, PhD, professor and chairman of administration and leadership. We have a great interest in sports facility management, and professional skills, it is a suitable supplement in tourism. He did research in be’ēšiporiti, is making a name for himself and it will be a national in this area. We are fortunate to have Anthony with us. ”

– Christopher A. Vito

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