‘Change this energy’ Poor father taught her to control her anger after she lost her daughter to domestic violence

Minneapolis (WCCO) -The father of twins is sharing the story to prevent others from repeating domestic violence.

In January, Andre “Debooner” McNell lost his only daughter, Anna Griffin McNel, in a domestic violence. She was a college student and a graduate of the Brooklyn Center High School in 2020. She was 18 when she was killed while out of college.

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“I was laughing for a minute and I felt so good. I’m crying for the next minute, ”said Andre Mcnell. “I’m laughing the next minute, thinking about her voice, her energy. She was such an amazing little giant. She was my Naji bear. ”

Andre Macnell (Credit Crisis CBS)

McEnell mourned the loss, but said he needed more. Opportunity to teach anger management courses at Phyllis Whitley Community Center. Accept the role.

“My reason is that if someone ever met that person and gave him some tools, taught him about emotional intelligence, my daughter would be in her second year of college. “We were planning to send her to Clark Atlanta University in her dream school. I still have the vision and the dream to help her buy her first home, her first child, my granddaughter.”

For 20 weeks, McEnell taught men how to improve their emotional health. Participants include Jason Apple. This is the fifth time he has taken this anger management course, and this is the first time he has been with McAnell.

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“You are tired of the negative consequences of bad choices,” Apple said. “One can teach and share personal life experiences rather than teaching from books alone. Just knowing that someone will get it. He just gave me the strength to do better, to want to do better, to be a better person.

McEnell entered medicine several years ago and began packing up traumatic experiences for the first time.

“Until I went to a marriage counselor years ago, I didn’t know I was going to have an emotional crisis before I got married, and I started to let go of all that I had experienced,” says McAnell. “I was nine years old when I saw my first murder. ”

He is now encouraging men like Apple. So far, about 20 men have graduated. Through text messaging, graduates interact, and men share their problems and successes with each other.

“Call me and tell me about the promotion, ‘Look at what I’m telling you! Change that energy! ‘”McLean Apple.” One of them said,’ Why are you doing this?


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Call 911 or call National Domestic Violence at 1-800-799-7233 if you are in an abusive relationship and are trapped at home with your dangerous partner. All calls are free and confidential.


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