Central Ohio Golf Course for sale, new owner plans housing development

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Lancaster is a beautiful Valley Golf Course for $ 1 million for housing development.

Lancaster’s delightful Valley Golf Course will soon turn into a major home development.

Local developer Bob Buess bought the property through Rockbridge Management for $ 1 million. He plans to divide the site into 15 and 5 hectares by lot and 5 by 10 hectares by lot.

“We bought it because there was a shortage of lots and it was a big place close to Columbus,” Buess said. I expect all lotteries to sell.

According to Fairfield County Auditor, the site at 180 Coonpath Road NE is less than 84 acres.

Bus said they have sold four lots so far. He said Columbus-based Diane is building houses on three of these four lots.

While the Buess site accommodates custom-built homes, there are some practical restrictions to protect investments. Construction is expected to begin in early 2022.

Mike Kilbarger, the former owner of the course, said infrastructure improvements were needed to continue as a golf club. That is why he chose to sell it, even though it had been four years since he had made that decision and three years after he first listed the property.

“I didn’t think I was the only one with the ambition or the energy or the rebuilding skills. So we decided to sell it. ” Golf players were struggling, and then we stayed in the shower and flooded for three years so that the players could not play.

Kilbarger said the golf course, which has been in existence for 51 years, is one of three properties that will soon be sold.

Lancaster Barry and Jennifer Ronomes buy nearby Valley View Golf Club in August Lancaster Eagle Gazette Lancaster Country Club also reportedly sold.

At the time of its publication, it was only one of three that proved to be a golf course. More details are expected in the coming weeks for the country’s club plans.

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