Central Community College will be accepting more students this year than last year

HASTINGS, NAB (KNN) – Central Community College has seen an increase in student enrollment numbers on all campuses by the end of 2021. The numbers are higher than the previous school year by 361 students in the major and their courses.

One of CCC’s programs, Energy Technology, was a new student on the Hastings campus, welcoming many students into its classrooms. Taylor Schneider, a professor of energy technology for CCC, said the program covers solar, wind and battery storage in her classroom and is the only program in the United States that offers students three different types of attention.

Schneider was the one who developed the energy technology on the Hastings CCC campus and the program brought something to the school as a whole.

“It allows for a new industry, I mean, it’s new to everyone,” he said. “When I came here, no one knew about wind, sun, and battery storage. It starts to increase the specific needs you know, people are asking me every day how to use energy in their homes or how to reduce energy use.

Schneider added that four to five students have enrolled in the school this year, up to 13.

According to Schneider, they are offering opportunities to participate in activities outside the classroom, such as upgrading the college’s wind farm.

“Yesterday we had to go out. My first year was my first attempt. It’s what we call it. They have 30 minutes from the base of the tower to the top, and that’s 400 feet of air,” he said.

Mason Bayrs, a student of energy technology at CCC-Hastings, appeared on Turbine on Wednesday. Byrons chose this program to learn about solar, battery storage, and wind power.

It’s great for me here in Hastings, because I’m close to home and even the other colleges where I look at the application, Hastings popped up and I looked in and I like it, other colleges I’ve gone to, ”Baines said.

Bernice was one of 2,306 CCC staff and teachers who welcomed the fall school year. There were also 3,750 students enrolled in online courses.

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