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Miami, August 12, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Celebrity Cruz and Gop announced today that they will expand their partnership by bringing in some of Gup’s favorite doctors for four consecutive years. Caribbean Ships this fall.

Starting in October, you will be in charge of special programs, including exercise and brainstorming, as well as exercise and brainstorming on the new luxury luxury boats.

The partnership between the two companies January 2020 And it continues to improve. In April 2021, GOP Founder and CEO Gwynet Palro He was declared a celebrity safety consultant. The GOP team includes new health supplies for Zlap ships, fitness equipment for AquaClass guests, on-demand classroom TVs, custom softballs, and more.

“When our guests return on a voyage, the ship became a source of healing for them after a very difficult year,” said the president and CEO of the famous Cruz. Lisa Lutoff-Pelo. There is no other place where guests can enjoy this great calm of the sea with physical and emotional well-being.

“Physical, mental, and spiritual well-being are inseparable — and how exciting it is to explore them all Caribbean“is there Kiki Koro she remembers, Goop Senior Safety Director and Contributing to the Safe Women’s Team. We look forward to sharing the wisdom of an incredible group of teachers with the guests of Zlaus Cruz.

Interested travelers can join the list of Gup experts as they learn the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of today’s modern travelers. Fixed by GOP, the doctors include:

  • Dana Babies – A recognizable power healer, author and teacher. Dana conducts workshops, online courses, and transitions to help others learn to open up their own talents.
  • Collet Dong – a New York City BFA in dance performance and choreography and BS in dance science Elon University, Collet is the founder of News, new York A major sports studio for trampoline cardio and muscle building.
  • Tina Jackson – Classical trained dancer, fitness model, fashion stylist and activity supervisor, classroom invites a deep sense of celebration, authenticity, faith, courage, expression and freedom.
  • Stay safe -Famous spiritual teacher, expressive, acupuncturist, writer and speaker. For 15 years, Deganit worked hard to guide people to find peace and purpose through her writing, course, training, events, and sessions.
  • Dr. Wheeler – A luxury fitness professional with 12 different fitness certifications (and at the Criminal Investigation Level!) And a well-known bodybuilding ™ unit.

Playing host to these unusual health and safety professionals will be the celebrity new luxury cruise ships. Characteristics of the four voyages

  • Celebrity Conference mit – Getting out of the ship Miami On October 9 For a 5-night cruise, this cruise will feature Colette Dong And Stay safe.
  • Famous Apex Dana Babies And Tina Jackson It brings out the title of this 4-night cruise Fort Lauderdale, F On October 24
  • The edge of a celebrity – Exit Fort Lauderdale, F On October 30, 7-night Western Caribbean It will have a cruise character Dana Babies And Tina Jackson.
  • Famous Millennium – It will be the subject of the final voyage Dr. Wheeler, took off Fort Lauderdale, F On December 13 On a 10-night Eastern Caribbean ship.

Discovering luxury leisure, Wi-Fi, drinks and tips is now an ‘always included SMS’ on every famous ship. In addition, the popular “Journey by Faith” program offers flexible cancellations and the best price guarantees.

For more information and to book a lifetime break, visit www.celebritycruises.com/specialty-cruises/goop or contact a trusted travel consultant.

About famous ships
The X, a symbol of the famous ship X, is a symbol of the 14 award-winning ships that describe the luxury cruise in cold, modern design and accommodation; Dining, spa and leisure experiences for a modern taste; And culturally rich and varied destination experiences, all complemented by a warm, personal service. Famous has made many industry initiatives at sea, including the first use of solar panels on a ship, the first to avoid the use of plastic water bottles; The first American female ship captain; The first all-female bridge and officer team cruise; The first West African woman on a shipwreck; And one of the first legal same-sex weddings at sea. With a passion and a desire to open up the world, celebrities travel to the seven continents and visit nearly 300 destinations in more than 70 countries. Celebrity Cruises is one of five cruise lines operated by Royal Caribbean Group, an international shipping company. (NYSE: RCL).

Famous sailors are implementing A’s recommendations Healthy ship panel Public health and scientific experts to provide safe and healthy sailing on all ships. Health and safety protocols, state travel restrictions, and call access ports can be changed based on ongoing review, public health standards, and government requirements. US Ships & Guests – For more information on current Health and Travel Alerts, US Government Travel Notes, please visit https://www.celebritycruises.com/travel-alert Or consult travel advice, warnings or advice on relevant government websites.


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