Celebrating a long journey in R&D and promoting straight farming in Japan

From September 15-17, the Japan Plant Factory Association (JFF) will celebrate its 10th anniversary, celebrating 10 years of growth, achieving SDGs and more. The Member-Only Online event celebrates the JPFA’s annual celebration and at the same time, is a sign of gratitude to all supporting members.

“We want to thank and thank all those who have worked with us for so long,” said Erie.

Q&A opportunities, presentations (in Japanese or English), virtual exhibitions and knowledge sharing are key points, so the event offers many interactive activities. During the event, they will focus on food production, fonting and breeding by 2050, which have been active topics recently.

Accessible platform
Eric Hayashi, vice-chairman of the JFA, said: Hopefully, we can work together to create a platform for introducing vertical farming technology into our society. I like to see women, or even young people, taking advantage of job opportunities.

JPFA Indoor Farm

Eri She joined the industry in 2008 and one of her goals was to help solve health issues in developed and underdeveloped countries in the food industry. At the JFA Forum, they are expected to use this information to grow their own plants and share skills with family members.

Sustainability goals
About 10 years ago, the JPFA aligned its goals with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All processes were permanently limited, and many processes are related to the SDGs these days. However, it has not always been easy, says Eric. “In the early days, a lot of companies in the campus were focused on profiteering, but we kept going. There’s been a lot of R&D over the last 10 years and that’s what we want to share, as well as the business side. Past and present research results will be shared with JPFA affiliates and members.

Improving services
“The industry is growing at such an exciting time compared to 10 years ago. His needs and desires are changing now. In the past, people were looking for information in the industry before they started their work, and now people are really starting to plow themselves. We need to be more practical and get more practical services for people to start their own plant factories, ”says Erie. JPFA is working with a number of partners to share science-based knowledge for farmers who want to start their own farming business.

JPFA Workplace

Platform used to share knowledge
JFF’s goal was primarily to achieve sustainable development goals by developing and promoting sustainable production goals. In this way, they hoped to solve the problem of food and energy resources and improve health. Hoping to achieve these SDGs, they continue to share science-based knowledge on their devices. “Our job was to open the industry to people in terms of neutrality, share knowledge and discuss it.

To make the community happy on a vertical farm
JPFA is interested in Japan and the international community about the plant / vertical farming and the technology behind it. On the one hand, there is one way, but on the other hand, there are tours. They have an average of about 5,000 visitors a year, including 40% international visitors. Unfortunately, this has significantly decreased due to VV, but the organization has high hopes for the coming year. Fortunately, the company has grown in interest in vertical farming as many people know about the subject, as well as various geographies. Erie says that even the contestants through JFF are talking and cooperating today. It’s great to see people interacting with each other and sharing insights.

Workshops and training courses
A total of 1,300 to 1,400 people joined the JFA for their workshops last year, Erie explains. The workshops are all about sharing knowledge, encouraging companies to collaborate, and discussing agriculture and its activities. In addition, JFA has been providing training courses since 2010 and has completed several courses over the past 10 years, with 3,000 to 4,000 people, including international participants.

More information about the event can be found here.

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