Cassidy’s dual account is intended to reduce the high cost of additional tuition for additional students

U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La) August 5 supports two-time enrollment programs and access to college-level high school programs to support college-level accounting.

“Higher education costs so many Louisiana students,” said Seneca Cassidy last week.

Senus Cassidy, introduced with Bill Sponsor U.S. Senator Gary Peters (DMI), said the 2021, S 2620 Education Equity and Accessibility Act would expand access to high school students through two or more enrollment programs. And these college high school programs in partnership with local education agencies and higher education institutions based on a bill that allows such students to earn post-secondary credit when enrolling in a public high school.

“This bill will reduce the financial burden on Louisiana families by offering college and vocational courses to more high school students,” says Sene Cassidy. “This will create a highly skilled workforce with good pay and benefits for our state and the rest of the country.

In particular, S. Helping cover school-related expenses such as tuition and fees, books and transportation, and support activities such as course design, course approval processes, community access, student counseling, and support services, according to Seneca Cassid’s office.

“This binary account will help students in Michigan and across the country get college credit and pursue their dreams without having to take out student loans that will hurt their future finances,” says Center Peters.

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