Casper Fire-EMS frees the occupant from a stuck elevator


CASPER, Wyo-Casper Fire-EMS B platoon responds to an elevator stuck on a hotel on East Casper Granite Peak Drive on Thursday.

“Elevators are sometimes stuck,” he said in a live statement on Friday.

There was a passenger in the elevator, and some were injured. He told Oil City News that he was on the scene within five minutes of the mission, and the resident was released ten minutes later.

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Power breakdowns are a common cause of elevated elevators, but mechanical damage to hydraulic pumps can occur, he said.

Anderson provided a package of tools known as “keys” that workers use to open doors. Each is dedicated to an elevator brand name. There are two sets of doors to be opened: Movable hotway doors and car doors.

Casper Fire-EMS Engineer and Public Information Officer Dane Anderson at the Elevator Door “Keys” (Casper Fire EMS, Facebook)

Anderson’s response was, to a certain extent, “manpower” – staff worked hard to find the elevator, connect with the occupant, and shut off the power in the elevator control room.

Anderson says that if someone is stuck in an elevator, stability is important. Although accidents are often seen in movies, there are many safety features that prevent Anderson from “moving” in his car and on the road.

“So when the elevator stops, it may be too late,” he said.

Anderson’s staff is prepared to take steps to lower staff on the elevator shaft, but it is not usually necessary.

Anderson’s emergency call button in the elevator itself alerts the manufacturer’s call center, and often alerts building maintenance and emergency delivery directly.

Anderson recommends paying attention to the respondents’ details if they are stuck in an elevator.

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