Cape Code Country Club can be transformed into a solar farm

Falmouth: Plans are afoot to transform a nearly 100-year-old golf course in Chechville into a solar farm.

In a letter read out at a meeting of the Planning Board on February 23, David Frill, owner of Cape Code Country Club on the theatrical drive, cited small work over the past decade as an alternative to the property.

“Over the last ten or two years, the proliferation of golf courses in Cape Town and the declining number of golfers have forced me to look at other land use options for the Cape Code country club in terms of financial viability,” he said. .

Cape Cod Country Club has been exploring various uses for the property since early 2019, and Amp Energy, a renewable energy company, has expressed interest in leasing the property to a large solar farm.

If the licensing process goes as planned, Amp Energy will generate 27 to 30 megawatts of power on 80 hectares of the 80-acre farm. It also gives part of the land to the city for conservation purposes.

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