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It’s like a watch Highway pile in slow motion.

That sounds like the right car-based approach combined with three operations today. Boston Globe Those who say that the Coronavirus epidemic has improved transportation patterns and practices will lead to serious problems if not addressed.

“One thing is for sure: travelers will not be able to return to Boston international traffic jams.” Writes CA Webb, president of Kendall Square Association.

Or can they?

“Traffic, for all intents and purposes, will return to the stairs on most of Massachusetts’ roads in 2019,” said State Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulver. He told him Transportation Board Board at the end of June.

Even if the congestion has returned, in some ways the problem seems to be more severe than it was before the epidemic, even in some ways, just going to the workplace and going to work. Their week. Although few people go to work every day before the outbreak, many seem to be driving.

Web References a A recent MassINC poll team study That shows that 92 percent of Kendall Square workers are desperate for a more flexible work schedule and 79 percent expect to work at least a few days a week. The survey showed a significant drop in daily MBTA travel, but a small increase in the number of people using T to travel two to three days a week. WebT urges you to “embrace this as a mobile behavior in the future” and to develop new payment options in line with the changing working world.

Nonprofit A Better City Rick Demino echoes that, T’s monthly unlimited transit structure may no longer work well for many early users of the program. “Increasing the flexibility of existing passages or offering discounts can make the difference between a car and a commuter train,” he said. Writes.

Travel Train Price Five Lawyers TransitMatters Leaders. The train wreck was completely gone from the peak of the epidemic. One way to significantly increase drivers is to introduce low-cost transit for low-income residents. Write Ethan Finlan, Jared Johnson, Matthew Peterson, Jim Allosi and Matthew M. Robare.

They say it was a short glance to end the temporarily reduced price between some inner ring communities, such as Quisi and Lynn and Boston. And the cost of a long train ride from Worcester to Boston is more than the cost of driving, not really a recipe to add passengers.

Apart from the three essays, there was much detail about what such changes would cost and how they would be paid for. T has now been abandoned by federal aid, but to some extent it must be considered how to provide pre-epidemic services on the road with low-cost passengers.

Returning more people on the subway and on the commuter train would certainly be a good way to reduce the planet’s hazardous emissions and reduce road closures. It can be challenging to get the numbers to work on the various payment changes that can help raise horses.

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