Calling for all job seekers – This August, more than 100 companies are looking to fill 5,000+ vacancies

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This August, MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) is hosting Malaysia Tech for the second time since 2020 (MTM 2021). The event marks the 25th anniversary of the corporation as a government-appointed agency for the development of a digital country.

MTM is represented by Tan Siri Tony Fernandez (CEO of AirAsia), Eric Cheng (co-founder and CEO of Carsom), and Professor Dr. Michiyo Kaku (famous future and best-selling author).

Talked, MTM 2021 is also MyDigitalWorkforce Week (MDWW), an MTM anchor digital skills event and customized for local job seekers.

Provide opportunities for job seekers to grow

MDWW will have webinars and development courses from August 16 to 20. August 16-30.

Some webinars, such as Digital Learning, offer free online digital marketing courses on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. There are sections on how to strengthen their LinkedIn presence and how to stand out in the competitive job market.

Hiring companies also talk about their industry, so potential employees can better understand the company’s work situation, benefits and growth opportunities.

That is, for job seekers the main picture of the event will be the digital works expo. The job expo promotes more 5,000 jobs Listed by local companies. Here are some companies that hire during the MDWW

1. Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is one of the world’s leading technologies in digital transformation, providing technology solutions, products and services for technology around the world. In the area, the company has set up three stations across the country in Buty Minak (APCC2), Penang (SWTC) and Cyberjaya.

One of their roles is to serve as a senior consultant for their Pentering Test team in Siberia. Candidate must have at least 8+ years of information security experience, and 5+ years of direct experience in race testing, development exploitation, and more.

According to T-Koi, CEO of Dell Technologies in Siberia, Dell has taken over the entire epidemic and will continue to do so in the future.

Dell Siberia Station / Image Credit Cyberia City

2. Hitachi Ibwerks SDN Bhadi

Hitachi Iborx specializes in financial solutions by providing digital solutions to the financial services industry. Their customer list includes Maybank, CMB Group and other well-known banks in Malaysia. The company was originally established as an eBworx in 1998 but was acquired by Hitachi in 2012.

The company currently operates in 5 countries – Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Singapore and Thailand. Future workers should at least be willing to travel to the region and accept foreign jobs.

You are hiring a technical leader in Java / Microsoft at MDWW. Once employed, you will be responsible for designing, implementing and testing banking solutions for clients while managing and implementing group projects.

3. Sarawak Sdn Bhd

Karuna is a local company that provides web design and development, graphic design and software development services to companies. He has served clients from the Maldives, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Karuna CEO Melvin Ong believes the new graduates are better at JavaScript and better than Rak Native, React JS and Fliter. However, they do not have the knowledge of .NET or PHP, which are widely used in the industry.

“Normally, these [understanding of programming languages] It comes with work experience. One way to improve is to work with an IT company that focuses on software or mobile application development, ”continued Melvin.

They are looking to hire a full-fledged developer and your daily tasks will be to design the interface for websites, develop servers and databases for customers.

4. Petronas Digital SDN Bhadi

PETRONAS digital executives to receive PETRONAS digital awards during May 2021 Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards / Image Credit-PETRONAS

PETRONAS Digital Sdn Bhd PETRONAS is a digital and IT delivery arm that will enable it to become a progressive energy and solution partner for future enrichment.

The company understands that data is the “new oil” and is focusing on hiring more employees to make this transition. One role that needs to be filled is the data scientist. Under PETRONAS, we will design, plan, coordinate and implement data science activities that support the company’s digital agenda.

“Customer center and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do,” said Fuh Ike Chong, head of digital engineering at PETRONAS Digital Sdn Bhd. They want to be self-motivated and eventually hire talented people who are not afraid to take risks and try new things in their industry.

5. Shop Mobile Malaysia SDN Bhadi

Most of us associate Shopian with regular 9.9, 11.11 and 12.12 sales. Shopi is also one of the leading companies in terms of employee growth that will allow them to take on positions that could impact change in the company and the digital economy, even as a newcomer.

They are currently looking for a business intelligence analyst who is tasked with developing business strategies and projects that will drive significant change.

For those who are more Fintech-oriented and are happy to solve the team’s problem, you can consider joining their ShopeePay project management team. They work closely with the various stakeholders in the company to implement the ShopeePay product roadmap in Malaysia.

Shop Malaysia Office / Image Credit – Shop Malaysia

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If none of the above companies fit your role, there are 100 other companies on the site looking for talent. Alternatively, you can join one of the promotional sessions offered during the event.

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