California Monterrey County loses bid to resume oil drilling ban

as if Chris Dolmsch On 10/14/2021

(Bloomberg) – An appeals court has upheld a decision by an appeals court to ban new oil and gas development off the coast of California.

In November 2016, Monterey County voters passed new measures to support new oil and gas wells and to curb intimidation in unorganized areas. Companies, including Era Energy LLC and Chevron Corporation, have filed lawsuits, claiming that the provisions precede state and federal law.

After the trial, the state court judge ruled in favor of the counties as a “preliminary test” by the county, declaring the actions “impossible”. On Tuesday, the San Jose Appeals Committee upheld the decision, stating that “it has jurisdiction over all practices, including oil and gas recovery.”

“The existence of certain local oil and gas exploration regulations does not solve the question of whether a particular local regulation is governed by a particular state law,” the appellate court said. “If local regulations are inconsistent with state law, local regulations are more powerful than local bodies.”

After Governor Gavin Newsom added new wells during his tenure, it was confirmed that the agency’s staff had industrial connections. He has demanded a nationwide ban. However, a law banning his activities died in April.

Court of Appeals Monterey, H. 045791, California Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Chevron USA v.

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