California approves 5 temporary gas plants as drought hits hydroelectric power

Figure 5 for California article Temporary gas plants deplete hydroelectric power like drought

Photo: David McNeve / Staff (Getty Images)

Wildfire And Reduction of water content in reservoirs This summer, they threatened California’s power supply at various locations. California Gov. Gavin Newsom, desperate to avoid extinction in the face of worsening crisis, is looking at the construction of five “temporary” oil fields in the coming months.

according to Bloomberg, California Energy Commission on Tuesday approved emergency gas generating licenses for up to five years, each with an individual capacity of 30 megawatts. Ryan Endan, Spokesperson California Department of Water Resources, Now that the agency has been given the green light, it will be installed on all existing power plants in the region and will start work immediately by purchasing parts that will start operating by mid-September.

California utilities have been under stress in recent years for a variety of reasons Diseases caused by climate change, Including extreme heat, drought, and worsening wildfires. Later Examination California’s three major energy agencies have also played a key role in a significant power shortage in a series of driving accidents in the state during the summer of 2020.

Approval of the five new plants will come in less than a month, according to Newcom A State of Emergency With regard to power grid restrictions in California, he promised not only to speed up construction on existing clean energy projects, but also to block “certain licensing requirements for high energy production.” Even though he has a newcomer over and over They said The government has approved that fossil fuel production in the region will fall in the coming years More than 9,000 New oil and gas licenses from January 2019.

Experts and energy regulators are worried that natural gas companies will start using extinction risks as an alternative to further their own agendas. Shana Lazroro, a labor advocate for a better environment for non-profit communities in the area, told Gizmodo in 2020 that the power gas could have a distorted market and that if they were there, they could go to Enron’s playbook.

While some in California say the decision to provide emergency gas stations to prevent disruption in the state is important, the decision to drop other fossil fuels may indicate that the state government may be involved. He will be vindicated in his promises. Switching to gas will make it harder for the state to get 60% of its electricity from renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions by 40% below 2030 levels.

Gas factories may increase their power generation capacity, but California could still lose power because of transmission lines. Wildfires throughout the state. Climate change: The heat of the fuel, in turn, caused them to turn into flames, including those sparks State Killer Flame. Utility agreed to PG&E Bury some of the lines, But the process takes years. But in addition to simplifying the electrical system, Fire protection will be necessary as well as.


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