Buy this utility. Regulation can be a good thing for patient investors.

Dominion Energy, A major electric and natural-gas utility, the gap has narrowed over the past year, and its stock has lagged behind its peers in the home-utility sector.

That doesn’t sound like a whole lot of stock, but investors might miss out on a lot of fun.

Sarah Acker, senior justice analyst at Wells Fargo Security in Wales, says:

Utilities did not perform well in 2021 — partly due to concerns about inflation and rising interest rates, as these stocks are often considered bond proxies. Of

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Ticker XLU has returned about 6% in one year since November 17. During the same period, Dominion’s (D) return was 7% negative.

“Consumer investors have a long memory,” says Jeremy Tonnet, who covers North American utilities for JP Morgan. “Killing time is needed to promote past historical views. We think that has caused some controversy over the stock price. Tonight Rates Dominion Overweight with a price target of $ 88, compared to the recent $ 75.

It includes facilities in Richmond, V., Dominion Portfolio in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Those units contribute 70% of the revenue. Another 17% of natural gas distribution is in six regions. It also owns a number of nuclear power plants and 50% natural gas-liquid facilities in Maryland.

The market is not lending Dominion credit for some strong features The company’s annual revenue per share growth target of 6.5% by at least 2025. About 3.4% profit margin and 10% return can be made annually if the company meets its goals.

Another 90% of Dominion’s operating income comes from government-controlled utilities, which provide the company with a certain amount of capital required.

Environmental, social and management, or ESG, considerations are tied to the company’s future. Dominion aims to achieve zero carbon dioxide and methane emissions from its power plant and gas infrastructure by 2050 with the help of various renewable energy sources such as offshore wind.

Dominion Energy Key Data
Headquarters Richmond, V.
Latest price $ 75.19
52-week change -7.0%
2022 E Net Revenue (Bill) $ 3.4
2022 EPS $ 4.11
2022 E. P / E 18.3
Market Price Out (Bill) $ 62.5
Divided result 3.4%

E = estimate.

Source FactSet

In Jupiter Morgan’s latest consumption rating on environmental issues, “Dominion was one of the big names in terms of green change,” says Tonnet. More than half of the company’s five-year $ 32 billion capital expenditure plan is for zero carbon generation and energy storage projects, including solar panels, battery storage and offshore wind.

By 2026, Dominique plans to complete an estimated $ 10 billion wind farm, 30 miles off the coast of Virginia by 2026 — enough to generate 660,000 homes. Bobby Idemeka, Portfolio Manager


Dominion is owned by PRUAX, which he describes as one of the “most attractive investment opportunities in the US.”

Regulated utilities, such as Dominion, rely on state utility commissions to approve price increases, based on an operator’s “rate-of-rate” —aserly, careful investments in grids and other assets, except for any depreciation. An utility is allowed to receive a refund based on the property.

“Their renewable-energy developments are 100% controlled, which is something most utilities can’t say,” Idemeka said, adding that the regulation would reduce risk.

A.D. Virginia’s clean economy law by 2020 requires utilities to retire the state’s “carbon offsets”. By 2034, Dominion will be required to have 5,200 megawatts of coastal wind projects. A megawatt is a unit of power equal to one million watts.

Dominion has sold its assets and facilitated business integration, with a significant $ 10 billion initial agreement with Berkshire Hatway Energy, including a large portion of its natural gas transmission and storage assets. The Questar Pipeline piece has finally been broken into anti-Semitic threats and is now being found.

Southwest Gas Holdings

While the reorganization of Dominion to focus on controlled resources is significant, it has had unpleasant consequences. When it sold its gas assets last year, the cash flow went out the door – and Domion reduced its quarterly earnings from 94 cents to 63 cents. Dominion said he plans to increase the division by 6% annually.

The most recent overhaul of the collection was a three-year review with the state of Virginia. The most recent agreement, which includes a 9.35% equity return for Dominion, compared to the previous 9.2%, should ultimately support stock prices.

Meanwhile, the stock recently traded at FactSet Consensus 2022 with an estimated profit of $ 4.11 on 18.3 times, an average of five years. The Welsh Fargo Acres Dominion expects a modest premium multiplied by its “pure energy history” for its mid- and high-end partners.

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