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Renewable-energy cut Brookfield Renewal Partners (NYSE: BEP) It has a 3.2% profit margin near the lowest levels in partnership history. Even other well-known brands in the area have low interest rates. French Total energies (NYSE: TTE) It has a 7.3% yield. And while some argue that it is an oil reservoir, Total Energy has a long history of renewable energy, even for big plans for the future. It would be nice if investors like me, who are focused on shareholders, take a closer look.

Really important goal

To put it bluntly, Total Energy has a long history as one of the world’s largest integrated oil majors. In addition, the results are still closely linked to the ups and downs of the oil and natural gas markets. But there is a significant change in his work. In fact, the change was so great that the company changed its name from Total to Total Energy to highlight its renewable energy needs.

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The current goal is to increase the electronics distribution from 5% to 20% by 2030. Before you reach that goal, look back and see the big picture here. Total Energy is basically looking to triple its net energy trade in a decade. The company has a market capitalization of $ 110 billion, so that’s not a small effort. By comparison, the market capitalization of Brookfield Renewable Partners is approximately $ 11 billion. Simply put, Total Energy’s plan could include some of the greatest players in the field of clean energy.

But this is not some brilliant new idea for the administration to please investors. He has been working in the Renewable Forum for some time. For example, he bought Solar energy Approximately ten years ago. And he has been investing in the site for many years, including some pretty big deals. According to recent opinion polls, Total is willing to accelerate its pace if the wider world needs it. This is probably more than the 15% target of the company mentioned above, because it makes it clear that Total Energy wants to change with the community to be a key energy supplier in any way they want.

The old builds the new

That is why Total Energy does not give up on carbon offsets easily. The world still needs and needs oil and natural gas. Even under the most extreme clean energy conditions, these fuels will remain essential for global energy integration for decades to come. Total Energy has a long and successful history in the field, so it can continue to be involved. Still, he intends to switch to clean fossil fuels, limiting his oil investment to limited opportunities.

BEP Distribution Product Chart

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But this is important. The oil and gas trade, while volatile, can be highly profitable. For example, the energy giant generated $ 13.1 billion in revenue in the first half of 2021. Clearly, this fine piece is intended for profit and investment in the carbon footprint business. However, the goal is to target about 15% of the company’s capital budget for clean energy between 2021 and 2025, but not less than $ 2 billion a year. Think back to Brookfield Renewable Energy – Total Energy’s capital expenditure plans in five years estimate the size of the main partnership.

Most of the money comes from the raw cow cow business. So the world is still financing its efforts to rehabilitate Total Energy by providing the energy it needs. It seems to me that it will benefit everyone, especially since I can collect a huge 7% profit on the road.

It is not pure, but it is certainly binding

If you are looking for a focused energy source, Total Energy will not be interested in you. However, if you really look at the world, which is still only working on a clean energy transition, the oil giant seems to be stopping its long-term success as the energy landscape changes. That is still a solid rock decision for me, and I am happy to be a shareholder today.

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