Burckhardt Compression to deliver gas compressors to the South Korean plant process

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Burckhardt Compression has been selected as a compressor supplier for hydrogen liquid refinery in South Korea. The order includes three process gas compression API 618 systems for hydrogen compression in liquid form. The new installation in South Korea is part of the country’s strategy to continue as a global leader in hydrogen energy development. It can produce up to 90 tpd of liquid hydrogen. The sewage treatment plant is scheduled to start production in 2023.

The Hydrogen Liquid Factory is supplying 6.6 MW of power in three compressor systems, including the Berkhartt Compressor Assistants. The compressor is used in parallel for high discharge capacity, and the proposed hydrogen pressure increases from atmospheric pressure to 58 bar.

Burckhardt Compression provides a comprehensive hydrogen compression portfolio for a variety of hydrogen applications. The company’s leading piston compression technology represents the highest hydrogen purity and the longest average time between repairs. In addition, Burckhardt Compression Marketplace capabilities are supported by a network of service centers around the world.

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