Building Knowledge for Sustainable Nuclear Energy Development: IAEA STAR-NET School on INPRO Method.

To ensure the sustainable development of nuclear power, skilled professionals are needed to meet the current and future needs of the world for clean and safe energy. The IAEA Global Project is using the INPRO method in innovative nuclear reactor and fuel cycles (INPRO) to help build the next generation of knowledge base through specific courses in nuclear power system modeling and evaluation.

The INPRO course, organized in conjunction with STAR-NET in Nuclear Technology, focused on “coaching” with 30 participants from universities and nuclear organizations in five countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Learn about INPRO techniques in strategic planning for the long-term development of nuclear energy systems, including economy, infrastructure, waste management, environment, fertility resistance and safety.

Mikhail Chudakov, IAEA Deputy Director and Head of the Nuclear Energy Department, said: “INPRO will look to the next generation in this regard by equipping them with the necessary education and training.

The course, which runs from April 26 to 30, also provides an overview of advanced reactor technologies and a comprehensive overview of the state of the nuclear fuel cycle and national approaches to climate change mitigation.

We learned about basic design ideas not only about the modeling of nuclear power systems and the INPRO method, but also about the various nuclear power opportunities, the prospects for growth and the most important cultural and innovative forms of nuclear power plants. Andre Burov from Belarus National Technical University (BNTU) said.

IAEA education and training programs help prepare the next generation of professionals to manage complex nuclear power programs. These efforts include passing on the knowledge and experience accumulated by international experts and scientists over the past two decades in INPRO activities to young professionals, teachers, and students who develop and implement sustainable solutions for future nuclear power programs.

Michael Strickhanov, president of STAR-NET and MEPhI of the Moscow National Research Institute of Nuclear Research, said: . In this way, they gain the capacity to actively participate in the development and deployment of sustainable solutions to nuclear power systems in IAEA member states.

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