British Airlines is making history by flying on recycled cooking oil

The British Airways flew the so-called “perfect flight” using recycled cooking oil.

The airline’s first passenger flight BA1476 on Tuesday said it was “directly powered by sustainable aviation fuel, supplied by BP, and mixed with traditional jet fuel by 35% according to technical aviation specifications.” That sustainable aviation fuel is made with recycled oil.

The British airline called the flight “carbon-neutral” and said the remaining emissions were compensation.

“This flight is a testament to the progress we are making in our journey,” said Sen. Doyle, chairman and CEO of British Airlines. By working with our industry partners, we have achieved a 62% reduction in emissions compared to a decade ago. A.D. In 2010 it served as a benchmark for a similar flight to Edinburgh.

Sustainable aviation fuel was not the only thing that helped reduce the carbon footprint of the flight.

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BA Better World is the UK's new sustainability program.  Airbus A320neo "The quietest and most fuel-efficient short-haul aircraft" In the ships according to the airline.

What else does “perfect flight” do?

  • British Airways used the Airbus A320neo, which it called “the quietest and most fuel-efficient short-haul aircraft.”
  • The British Air Traffic Control (NATS) ordered the plane to take off and take off.
  • The electric motor, powered by Heathrow Bank’s Renewable Energy Bank, was used to push the aircraft back.
  • There was only one engine for the wheel. The second engine also went off.
  • Aircraft computer systems have determined the perfect flight height for fuel efficiency, taking into account the weight and wind data, and the departure speed has already been adjusted.

While this flight is considered a success, British Airlines customers should not expect this on other flights any time soon. The airline aims to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050 on board.

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