Britain listed energy plans as it reduced its climate summit

London – Two weeks before the International Conference on Climate Change, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday announced a series of measures to strengthen his country’s commitment to carbon neutrality.

The British government has published documents on the expansion of electric vehicles, more wind power and hydrogen use.

But Mr Johnson’s efforts to persuade Britain to take immediate action on climate change could face economic and political challenges at home. And there is ample evidence that many of the world’s largest carbon emissions leaders are expected to stay away from the two-week conference in Glasgow.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not yet decided whether he will attend the World Cup. On Wednesday, the Kremlin did not say why Russian President Vladimir Putin was absent.

Queen Elizabeth, who was photographed at the opening of the Welsh Parliament last week without comment on political issues, has been the subject of a series of critical comments. “I still do not know who is coming,” she said, “but they do not have the patience of the leaders.”

Climate change experts say the Glasgow conference could be ruined without major concessions from the United States and China. After months of confidence, Mr. Johnson himself has lowered his hopes for great success.

In an interview with Bloomberg News on Monday, he said: “Copp has always been extremely difficult.” We need to see some real steps from the participants.

Analysts say the summit may be a tactical move, but analysts say Mr Johnson is facing a major challenge.

E3G chairman, environmental think tank and former government adviser Tom Burke said Mr Johnson should persuade leaders at the summit to give a strong signal to their negotiators to reach a big deal.

“This is a test for the prime minister. Can he make his peers signal the highest level of ambition? He does not come here with a lot of capital. ”

“Britain has a legitimate claim that it is leading the world in climate change. The question is whether the prime minister has enough equipment with his peers,” he said.

President Biden plans to travel to Glasgow, but his climate agenda is at risk of a sharp drop in budget disputes over Capitol Hill. Legislative Sen. Joe Manchin III, a key figure in the passage of the bill, opposed the White House’s clean-up initiative to replace wind, nuclear and solar power plants. .

White House officials are rewriting the law with other measures that could reduce carbon emissions. But less than two weeks before the conference, Mr. Beden could arrive in Glasgow without any concrete evidence.

Britain considers itself a world leader in climate change. She has promised to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, but experts have been waiting for details on how to achieve the goal, with the government trying to fix it on Tuesday.

A.D. It pledges 90 90 billion, or $ 124 billion, in private energy transfers, which will support 440,000 jobs by 2030. Britain It will help achieve its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 68 percent by 2030 and delivering a “carbonated economy” by 2050.

Britain wants to end its dependence on fossil fuels by 2035 if possible, and alongside wind and other renewable energy, the government plans to finance at least one new nuclear power plant by 2024.

The British are subsidized to upgrade heating systems and switch from gas There will be extra money for more expensive heat pumps and a tree installation.

Environmental groups say the plans are not working enough. “Lack of realistic plans to supply more renewable products, more investment in public transportation, or a new commitment to stop oil and gas licenses will not dampen our commitment,” said Rebecca Newsom., Head of British Politics at Greenpeace.

And, as Mr. Johnson prepares for Glasgow, members of the royal family – as well as the Queen – are committed to fighting climate change. The Queen’s grandson, Prince William, presented the Earth Shot Award for innovative projects on climate and the environment by recently shooting billionaires such as Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson on private spacecraft.

In an interview with the BBC, William said, “We need some of the world’s great minds and brains trying to fix this planet.

His father, Prince Charles, a longtime environmental activist, told another interviewer that his car had been modified by Aston Martin’s “extra-white English wine and the cheese process.” It refers to the bioethanol oil produced from wine and cheese yeast products.

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