Brett economists are exploring how gas resources can play a crucial role in the future of pure energy

Boston, August 24, 2021 PRNewswire – As pressure mounts to ban new natural gas use and electrification requirements in many US cities and states, gas utility distrust is growing. In the new series, “Future Gas Utilities Series – Transfer of Gas Utilities to the Destiny of Decommissioning” Economists describe how gas utilities in the Brettl team are active participants in the energy future, innovators, and how they work. It can now develop long-term strategies to explore the transition in a budget and socially responsible way.

Three-part series centers for gas utility transitions around three construction blocks

  • Framework for Assessing Risks and Opportunities Related to Gas Sector Decarbonation
  • Strategies for business growth during the transition
  • Practical steps to implement these strategies and solutions
  • Today’s episode of “Risk Assessment” series identifies a number of key challenges that traditional gas utility business models face as natural gas can play a role in the regulation of climate change by regulators or political bodies. Goals. Note that these risks, although large, can turn into opportunities. This requires identifying comparative benefits for the gas industry in terms of infrastructure and energy services, targeting critical market resources, developing new planning tools, and making a number of operational and regulatory adjustments to prepare and grow during the transition.

    The co-ordinator of the shared series said, “An estimated $ 150-180 billion in gas distribution infrastructure will continue to be invested in existing systems to meet risk, utility safety and reliability requirements. Josh Figueroa, Bratel Associate. In order to avoid the “death spiral” trend that increases energy bills and pushes many customers into conversion, gas utilities must create appropriate, long-term business strategies that reduce emerging risks and facilitate active and energy transfer. Creative approaches. ”

    The series two and three will be released in the coming months and will be available on Brattel’s website. The series concludes with a symposium – to discuss Brett and industry experts on key challenges and opportunities facing the gas industry – by the end of 2021.

    “Series of Future Gas Utilities” by the author Frank’s Tomb; Associates Josh Figueroa, Dr. Long cow, And Dr. Kasparas Spokas; Top Research Analysts Tess counts, Maria Castaner, And Katie Mansur; And researcher Shrensch is confused.

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