Brent oil change opens doors, giving 10 minutes of oil change

Clinton-Brent SpeedyLube opened its doors to the public earlier this year with the aim of offering fast and 10-minute oil changes at an affordable price.

The Brent SpeedyLube building had been empty for 12 years before it opened for business, said owner Brent Tomman. The building is located at 1300 N. Second St., Clinton. After many renovations, Tomman opened his business.

Tomman said he had been eyeing the building for the past six to seven years, but said it was too expensive.

“The man refused to compromise,” said Tomman. So I followed him and became very aggressive. He has not been on the cards for a long time. And I worked as a good person. Steel cloth. And yes, I followed him in 2016, 2018 and beyond. And this time I followed him. And then in November, I really started to sink my teeth into it and then I started coming here in February, March, April and winter. Then June and July we were hard pressed to open for July 24th.

Tomman: It was easy to integrate one employee. Tomman’s wife and best friend started working with Tomman. He said he knew the three would start work. Since then, one couple has offered help. They have made more people want to work at Brent SpeedyLube but it is less surgery. Tomman now has six people working there.

The focus of the business is to offer a 10 minute oil change. They use Quaker state oil. Tomman said he took a little out of his own pocket to make sure the customer got quality oil.

“Many places that offer 10 minutes of oil change service do not use Quaker State,” said Tomman. They use it as a household product, they say. It saves them a lot of money. I will not do that. When I come here and get an oil change, I use quality oil to let everyone know that they get the best. The best of the best. “

Brent SpeedPoolbub also works with edge knives and air filters, Tomman said. He said they are trying to avoid services that are less than 10 minutes away from oil change.

“Everyone wants that instant gratification in 2021,” Tomman said. They want to go up, they want to finish it. They want it at an affordable price. ”

Standard service is 50% artificial and 50% non-synthetic, starting at $ 34.99 for up to 50 quintals. They also offer a full artificial oil option for up to five quintals for $ 39.99. They make up to 10 quintals of diesel for $ 79.99. Tomman said he believes these rates are the cheapest in the city.

“We’re trying to keep Clinton alone,” Tomman said. To service your car. And we do windows, tires, blanks, paint the dots down, fill your sink liquid, check your refrigerator, check your power steering. The only thing we don’t check are brakes and transmissions. ”

You don’t need an appointment to provide a car service in business, Tomman. When people come to the business, they ask people to drag them to the back door of the green cone, Tomman said.

If you come in and ask me, I can get an oil change, how long does that take? I’ll tell them for 10 minutes, ”said Tomman. “But if any man enter in, he shall not be able to enter into the kingdom of God. So I’m not saying you move people, they were here first. You have to drag it to the back door. ”

Although there are two service cars, it takes only 20 minutes for the car to work due to a 10 minute oil change.

“If you go to any of Clinton’s races, that’s still an hour faster than anywhere else,” said Tomman.

They are currently operating more than 30 cars a day, Tomman said. His goal was to build 20 cars a day and they are destroying that goal, he said.

Businesses are open Monday-Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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