BPC launches first awards for high quality


BPEC launches non-discrimination rewards

14:41,September 28, 2021

BPEC, a leading provider of competency, evaluation, training courses and learning materials for the plumbing, heating, gas and large-scale energy sector, in partnership with the Pipeline and heating contractors association (APC) and the Scottish and Northern Ireland Pipeline Employers Federation (SNIPEF) To announce an exciting new award initiative for the education sector.

After a difficult year in education and training, these plumbing and heating awards will reward students, alumni, and tutors who have excelled over the past 18 months. The BPC is looking for candidates for plumbing and heating coaches, and for those who excel in their field, to overcome personal problems or to help their communities during the epidemic.

Candidates will close on October 31, 2021. An independent panel of judges from the industry will review all entries, and the winners will be announced in mid-November before the winners are announced at a special 8 virtual ceremony. December 2021

BPEC is looking for candidates in the following prize categories.

  • Creating diversity in the community
  • The best use of technology in plumbing training
  • Best plumber / trainee
  • The best plumbing coach in the workplace

“Our goal in launching these new and exciting annual awards is to celebrate the achievements and innovations of coaches and trainees over the past 12 months,” said BPEC. After such a difficult year, we want to show your commitment, professionalism and hard work in the field and in education.

Monuments are also known to be major sponsors.

“It is an honor to sponsor the first BPEC Awards for High Quality. The monument equipment has a long history of supporting BPEC and the wider apprenticeship, learning and training sector, and these awards are an opportunity to continue to support those who have excelled in these difficult times, ”said the Memory Equipment Sales Director. , Jamie Fisher. As a British producer, supporting our industry grass roots is key and these awards are a great opportunity to do just that.

John Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of the APCH, said: “I believe it is a great time to travel through a challenging year, to honor students and coaches who have excelled and really excelled at that time. APHC participation is also a great complement to HIP Quality Pipe Week 2021 in October as we defeat our post-epidemic plumbing heroes.

SNIPEF CEO Fiona Hodgson added: “SNIPEF is a great opportunity to participate in the new BPEC plumbing and heating awards. They are something we want to agree with, giving people in the education sector a unique opportunity to show off their talents, creativity and philanthropy.

The application process includes completing an online form and a 300-word overview of the details of why the candidate should receive that particular award.

Successful winners and those candidates will receive prizes: such as BPEC training manuals and certificates of winners, and cash / vouchers and products from the sponsor, monuments.

BPEC for Best Awards

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