BNamericas – EP Petroecuador and Primax SA sign …

This petrocuador release was published using a machine translation.

Public company Petroecuador and Primax SA have signed an agreement Receiving, transporting, storage and shipping services of petroleum products , For 15 years.

The event was attended by Hydrocarbon Deputy Minister Maria Christina Cadena; EP Petroecuador General Manager (S) Pablo Luna; Monica Ortiz, Technical Coordinator of the Agency Hydrocarbon Regulation; Prime Minister Carl Marx Castillo, along with other officials.

According to Hydrocarbon Deputy Minister Maria Christina Cadena “His It is an important step in achieving the goals outlined in Executive Order 95. B Of In the interest of the country, by signing this contract, direct organizational processes have been strengthened to stimulate the oil market and supply high quality products. The Benefits of Ecuadorianism ” , he said.

EP Petroecuador General Manager Pablo Luna, for his part, said the collection will be made by the Agency for Energy Regulation and Non-Renewable Natural Resources Agency. ” he said A different amount for each component of the infrastructure, which allows the EP Petroecuador to pay differently. In addition, there is Optional single size USD 0.027665 per gallon , Which will be enforced, is respected in all terminals considered to set long-term product distribution rates ”.

In addition to pipelines, terminals, and refineries, the Ismeraldas, La Libertad, and Trace Bokas petrol stations may be used for this purpose. All these are the property of EP Petroecuador . It is important to note that the signing of these Terms implies the use of EP Petroecuador facilities only in accordance with the Company’s operating programming.

There he signed with Primax SA There are five such contracts Because last week the public oil company signed four contracts with the companies: Corpetrolsa SA, Terpel-Comercial Ecuador CIA. LTDA, Servicios WFSE Ecuador Cly Duragas.

This figure is part of the oil market liberalization strategy, which promotes better quality fuel supply for citizens in accordance with the National Government and Proclamation 95.

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