BNamericas – Brazilian thermal plant to run on diesel …

The Brazilian state-owned Energia will operate William Arjona’s hydroelectric power plant on August 29 in the state-owned Petrobras’ Maxilhao Natural Gas Field and Rota 1 pipeline maintenance.

At the end of July, William Arjona of Campo Grande, in the province of Mato Groso do Sul, was revived after four years. The resurgence comes as Brazil relies on all of its thermal resources due to the low drought in hydroelectric reservoirs.

Delta signed a contract with BR Distribuidora to develop the diesel operation, set up equipment in the factory, hired a specialized company to assemble a laboratory to monitor the physical-chemical properties of the oil, and hired a consulting firm.

Diesel operations were originally scheduled for August 15, but Petrobras was delayed last Tuesday after announcing a 14-day moratorium on Mexico.

The change is due to an unforeseen emergency shutdown of equipment at a processing plant that receives natural gas from the Rota 2 pipeline, which transports natural gas from the Santos and Campus basins. When Rota 1 closes, repairs are needed to ensure the full functionality of Rota 2.

According to Petrobras’ gas contracts with its customers, planned closures can last for a maximum of 30 days. According to the proposed change, the supply limit will be extended for 16 days (August 29-September 13) if necessary.

“Therefore, normal contract conditions are expected between August 15 and 29,” Petrobras said in a statement.

With the closure of Rota 1 at the same time, the new program will increase natural gas production as compared to the previous situation, with the availability of plant gas or alternative fuels. Petrobras.

The closure of the Kubatoo heating plant in Petrobras not only confirmed the discovery of natural gas at the Aracaria, Linhares, Santa Cruz and Norte Flumenens factories, but was reopened for another 14 days (August 15-29). , In addition to William Arjona.

Petrobras has also announced plans to upgrade its Pessem LNG terminal in the Sierra Leone to the TRBA LNG terminal, the first of which will supply fuel at 14Mm3 / d (million cubic meters per day). He was out of work.

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