BMP raises green agenda, eyes down 50% on oil bill – Barbados today

The Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMEP) has launched a greening project to reduce dependence on fossil fuels in two years.

In addition, the BMAP has been able to save eight cubic meters or 2,013.4 gallons of drinking water per month to reduce drinking water loss in just 24 months.

He said BMAP is also working to become a paperless campus by reducing the need to print countless papers by launching online or integrated courses as well as e-learning platforms for online enrollment and payment.

Launched on Friday at BMP’s Wilde Campus, International Trade and Industry Minister Ronald Topin praised the country’s efforts to help it achieve its goal of fossil fuels by 2030.

Topin said: “The National Front, High Demand, BMAPA and the Samuel Jackman Prescode Institute of Technology have agreed to explore opportunities for collaboration in the areas of mutual benefit, including BMAPA green development and renewable energy program integration, as well as training. This partnership speaks volumes about the similarities between public and private training institutions, as we all aspire to a common goal.

Topin, for his part, said the project was timely for countries affected by severe climate change, such as Barbados, in response to repeated calls at home, regional and international to combat the phenomenon and its negative effects. To reduce their dependence on non-renewable resources.

Like many small island developing states, Barbados has many natural economic, social and environmental vulnerabilities, including vulnerability to natural disasters, climate change and other serious events, small population, limited land and natural resources and a small open economy, the minister said.

He said that these difficult facts, if negotiated further, would undermine not only the achievements of the past but also the future development goals.

According to BIMAP chairman John Rocheford, the business school is constantly making changes to turn the campus green.

Introducing the e-learning platform, Rocheford noted that there has been a significant reduction in the use of paper and ink, replacing LED light bulbs and plumbing fixtures with more efficient, water-saving alternatives. Equipment, and water tanks were also installed on the premises.

According to the chairman, SGPI has two young women and a man with photovoltaic panel provider SolarWat Systems Inc.

Rocheford said: “BMAP recognizes that the ratio of men and women in this field is currently distorted and that it is important to encourage more women to pursue careers in this field. When possible, the institute will launch a public awareness program to encourage behavior change in other organizations and individuals and to inform lessons learned from the implementation of the program, in addition to incorporating greens into the various course offerings. Different aspects of the project.

Many aspects of green and renewable energy are now included in the courses as modules and highlight the need for our social media pages to transition to alternative, renewable energy sources. (Aha)

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