Bluetooth starts with an additional 6000W module power stations with iPhone control, solar, USB-C

With the new 6000W AC300 and AC200 MAX power stations, Bluetooth is set to launch the latest additions to its portable power supply line. With last year’s massive, multi-million-dollar public mobilization campaign, Bluetooth is set to release its flagship AC300 mobile power station alongside the now-upgraded AC200 model, as well as a pair of new modular battery units. Hit the jump for a closer look and more details.

brand new Bluetooth 6000 watts power stations

The new BLUETTI AC300 and AC200 MAX power stations run on a modular system so users can copy battery units as needed – the actual power stations are sold in compatible battery packs and then expanded separately. The above-mentioned power stations are also being integrated into the Bluetooth B230 and BLUETTI B300 battery units, allowing users of the brand to replace the batteries if necessary, expand the power station’s capacity to some extent, and even allow units. Make it easy to carry –

This new module design is a bold move for the BLUETTI, but for heavy-duty components such as the BLUETTI AC300, this design not only significantly reduces the weight of each unit but also replaces any or all batteries if necessary. The future. And since the system is a module, you can load each module separately.

Bluetooth AC300 Power Station

The BLUETTI AC300 Power Station offers a total of six AC outlets, two 5V USB-A ports, a pair of 18W USB-A ports, 100W USB-C, Super DC, two 15W wireless charging pads and more.

All of this is supported by a 3,000W pure sine wave converter that works side-by-side with the MPPT controller to support the BLUETTI as “shocking 2,400W solar charging”. The flag model can, as an alternative, carry up to four modular battery packs, for a total of 12.3 kW.

If that’s not enough, you can use BLUETTI’s Fusion Box Pro to connect the two AC300 units together as an “emergency power center and do your homework for more than a week, or with enough solar panels, you can even run it completely. Full house, off the grid… indefinitely. The configuration includes “up to 6,000 watts of uninterruptible power, a total capacity of 24.6kWh, and an earthquake input capacity of 10.4 kW.”

The main BUETTI AC300 power station next to the B300 battery module will be available in pre-order at a special launch price in September 2021 $ 2,899 ($ 3699 MSRP).

Bluetooth AC200 MAX

Bluetooth is already replicating and improving on the already successful AC200 model (Population over 6.7m) with AC200 MAX. The new module will support two additional battery packs, including Bluetooth B230 or B300, and the latter can expand the new AC200 Max at 8192Wh with a continuous output power of 2,200 watts via a pure sine wave converter.

Other upgrades here include up to 900 watts of solar input, 100 watts of PD3.0 USB-C port, and a built-in 30A NEMA TT-30 outlet for the “ARVI people”. Smartphone control is also a nice touch using the Bluetooth-enabled BLUETTI app.

BLUETTI AC200 MAX for pre-order b $ 1,699 ($ 2,099 MSRP) with offers expected this month.

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