Bindon big bet on wind power before the climate summit

President BidenJoe Beiden calls for more US investment in Central America to stem the flow of money in Europe – Mexico In the run-up to the two-week-long international convention, the United States has a significant impact on wind power.

In addition to increasing naval power, the Biden administration plans to halve US carbon emissions by 2030. According to a road map released by administration officials this week, wind turbines will be installed on almost the entire coast of the United States in the coming years.

Home Secretary Deb HalandDeb Haland Haland announces new lease sales in a bid to boost coastal winds. At an industry conference on Wednesday, the agency said it hopes to lease terminals in the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of Maine and the coast of California, Oregon and the Atlantic Ocean by 2025. The move comes just months after the administration approved the first major business. Coastal wind farm near Martha’s vineyard.

“We have big goals to achieve in a clean energy economy and internal affairs are meeting the moment,” Highland said.

She also highlighted the role of Congress. The council will build a $ 1.2 trillion-sound bilateral infrastructure package for renewable energy, including offshore wind turbines.

But some climate experts are skeptical of US monitoring.

Dan Raycher, senior researcher at Stanford Woods Institute of Environment; He described the plans as “helpful” but cited American records.

“There has always been skepticism about the United States’ commitment to the hurricane,” said Recker, who served as chief of staff during the Clinton administration. We have built very little in terms of our wealth and we have restored the Trump administration over four years.

Reicher also said that there will be “controversy” with many rental processes. In addition to regional and local political pressures, Raycher said, “we are still in the process of identifying with good technologies.”

Some experts still say that recent efforts on wind power are moving in the right direction.

Eric Mito, president of the National Ocean Industries Association, described the Coastal Wind Initiative as one of the many examples that this administration could point to to show that it is taking steps to achieve its goals and make its own national contribution. Paris Agreement ”

“What we want is to continue leasing and licensing to continue,” Milito said. And they did that and set goals for leasing and licensing projects, so it’s moving fast.

For others, the United States has a strong commitment to wind power to maintain global credibility.

“I think these goals are absolutely necessary for the United States to be a part of the Coast Guard,” said Liz Burdock, president and CEO of the Beach Wind Business Network. We have not been internationally for the past four years… and this plan is very important to us as a global climate change leader.

Burdock said that achieving the administration’s goals would put the United States at the forefront of wind power.

“Globally, 32GB of watts are installed and we are working,” he added. Therefore, the Binden administration is asking the United States to do what the world has done in the coastal wind industry for two decades in eight years.

But achieving those goals requires overcoming domestic obstacles, and international partners may be skeptical because of the potential for Republican victories by 2022.

However, Burdock said most of the wind power infrastructure includes state officials who can continue with projects, even though the federal government is not on board.

“What can I say to the international community? [is] A.D. By 2050, 10 rulers have pledged to be 100 percent carbon neutral. ” “[But] You need to get the federal government to take this first step, you need to lead the federal government by example. And this is exactly what we need to do. ”

While the bill contains billions of dollars from Democrats to stimulate coastal wind development, the law is also in the process of lowering the price tag, which has raised concerns among minorities.

In general, a supply, clean energy performance program, and financial incentives for the conversion of electricity to renewable sources such as wind and solar. But Sen. Joe ManchinJoe Manchine Cinema ” Continued ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ‘ DW.Va.


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