Binden Electric car plans to have enough chargers

For years beginners, automobiles and other companies have been building chargers, mainly in the coastal states of California and where most electric cars are sold. These businesses use a variety of strategies to make money, and it is not clear which car experts will succeed. The multi-station charging company sells chargers for individuals, workplaces, shops, condominiums and apartment buildings, and electric vehicles. Collects subscription fees for software that manages chargers. Tesla mainly offers chargers to buy cars. And others make money by selling electricity to drivers.

The poor cousin once went into the hip-hop business to make thin electric cars. Venture Capital Companies invested nearly $ 1 billion in charging companies last year, according to Pichbook. So far, by 2021, enterprise capital investments are over $ 550 million.

On Wall Street, public utility companies, or SPACs, have signed agreements to purchase eight of the 26 charging companies, including electric vehicles and related businesses, according to the research company Diology. Agreements typically involve hundreds of millions of dollars from large investors such as Black Rock.

“It’s early, and people are trying to figure out what the potential is,” said Gabe David Jr., managing director and analyst at Investment Bank.

These businesses could benefit from infrastructure, but it is unclear how the Binden administration distributes money to charging stations.

Another unanswered question is who will be the next generation of electric car Exxon mobile. Maybe a car.

Tesla, which produces two-thirds of the electric cars sold in the United States, has built thousands of chargers, making them free for pre-customers. At the end of the year, the company could open a network for other automotive vehicles, said Elon Musk, CEO. It is in July.

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