BIMAP, SJPI Agree to Share Skills, Increase Campus Green Power – Barbados Today

The country’s leading business school, the Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BMAA), has agreed to use the Samuel Jackman Prescodd Technology Institute (SJPI) to further develop its green energy profile.

In response, BMP agreed to help SJPI students and teachers improve digital learning.

And Ian Drax, SJPI’s chief executive, said the country’s main technical school is growing in demand for skills that could lead to green technology jobs.

When the two colleges signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), BMEPA CEO Dr. Sonia Greennid-Franklin said the government is fully committed to expanding green energy on the basis of 100 percent renewable energy. And carbon neutral by 2030.

“BMAPA knows we need to change the way we use energy, so BMAPA has a lot on the board to green the entire campus,” he said. We will soon start a project to make the campus green, but we will tell you that in a little while.

Drax told reporters that there is a high demand for SJPI green technology courses. Although COVID-19 limits more body parts than can be done, the practical sessions have continued with the help of the COVID monitoring unit, he said.

“I say [demand] Increased. People [are] SJPI has also been using hybrids in renewable energy, electric vehicles, as well as robotics and other robotics and coding technologies to provide access to our students during the outbreak.

We have been working closely with the Covide Monitoring Unit, where we can do the theory of most programs online, but we understand that technical vocational training is practical, and if we do it face to face, this is how the laboratory works.

But Drax also noted that while online classes are generally going well, some students and teachers lack some experience in working in the digital space. He emphasized that the area was being rebuilt with the help of BMPA and its guardians.

What we learn, are some [students] We may call them digital citizens, but they are not entirely digital. We look forward to working with BIMAP, and we may have such partnerships to help our teachers and students, because we have a training aspect in this MOU.

We arm ourselves and this is the new rule and there is no going back. Technology is here to stay. ” (SB)

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