Big cedar golf courses occasionally receive certification

The five Big Cedar Lodge Golf Courses are now certified as Audubon International Signature Sanctuary, according to the CEO of the charity.

Fifteen years after Talk Rock got its name, Buffalo Ridge, Ozarx National, Mountain Top and Pine Valley meet similar standards, according to a news release. The label recognizes golf courses with careful course design and ongoing operations.

“Oduboon’s signature Sanctuary Certificate represents the highest security design in the golf world,” said Christine Ken, CEO of Oduboon International. Getting a certificate for each course is an unprecedented achievement for Johnny Morris and the entire Big Cedar team.

Odubon International staff will conduct courses on wildlife conservation and habitat, water quality control and management, integrated pest management, water conservation, energy efficiency, waste reduction and management, and natural resources. Green Construction Products and Processes.

“We feel obligated to protect the land and the surrounding wildlife,” said Morris, founder of Big Cedar and Bass Pro. We in the Big Cedar would like to thank all of Oduboon International experts for their time and commitment in helping us and others to take us to the next level.

A.D. In 2019, Morris became the 58th recipient of the Obobon Medal, which recognizes individuals for their work. Other recipients include former President Jimmy Carter, Nobel Peace Prize winner Oscar Arias, actor / director Robert Redford, British natural historian Sir David Attenboro and CNN founder Ted Turner.

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