Biden management wants to cut off all airlines from fossil fuels by 2050

To revive the ill-fated “green energy” subsidy that we were not throwing enough trillions of dollars (or, we need to print enough trillion), Biden’s management now aims to dismantle all airlines from fossil fuels. 2050

The idea is part of the White House’s plan to “fight climate change” that may not be possible at any given time. A.D. By 2030, Biden’s management is pushing for all electric and / or hybrid vehicles to go.

And how do you get airlines to go along with such an Asinini idea and timeline? You guessed it – offering cash in the form of incentives we don’t have. “The administration is considering incentives to support sustainable aviation in the private sector,” Reuters reported. By 2050, the administration wants airlines to fly 100% jet fuel from renewable sources, the report said.

According to two sources, discussions are in the “early stages.” Meanwhile, sustainable aviation fuel is two to five times more expensive than conventional jet fuel.

Ali Zeidi, the White House’s Deputy National Climate Adviser, said:

“The administration is committed to advancing climate change solutions in all sectors and sectors of the economy in the event of a crisis,” Zaidi continued.

Due to the weight of the batteries to be used, air conditioning is not an option, the report said. In Europe, regulators are trying to force suppliers to “add SFN to kerosene,” contrary to US suppliers, Reuters reported.

Fuel remains the second largest source of energy for airlines. This means that any additional costs may be transferred to customers as a result of the implementation of new fuel regulations.

By 2025 to 2030, aircraft manufacturers are targeting aircraft and engines that can produce fossil fuels. Meanwhile, Congress is debating up to $ 2 a gallon of tax credit for the SAF – we don’t have to spend money.


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