Biden Lite can be used for green energy tax incentives for vulnerable energy program funds.

President BidenJoe Biden Biden says the Democrats’ spending plan is a ‘big deal’ rather than Obama’s bidding, and he is pushing Phillips to prioritize election rights. The infrastructure agenda seeks to allay concerns over climate change on Thursday night, with CNN Municipality funding for a renewable energy program that could be diverted to tax incentives.

Biden has been asked about the Inpatient Electricity Performance Program (CEPP), which provides financial incentives for renewable energy sources. The New York Times reported last week that the program, which is run by Sen. Joe Manchin.Joe Manchin Biden: Negotiation of weapons is more severe than infrastructure, reconciliation has expanded to include Biden Medicare, dental care and vision ‘access’, Biden said. DW.Va. says it does not support, it can be removed from the account.

The president acknowledged Manchin’s opposition to the program, but moderator Anderson Cooper dismissed claims that it had already been removed from the bill.

But the reality is that we can take that $ 150 billion and add $ 320 billion to the law, and now we are ready to support tax incentives, so that people can do what they can. Do the things that need to be done. ”

Biden added that there was “no formal agreement” on the deal with the West Virginia Democrats.

“I was saying to Joe … If we don’t do it in terms of electricity, give us $ 150 billion. I would add that they can do other things that do not have a direct impact on the electricity grid in a way that is punishable, but that allows it to spend money to put new technologies in place. ” he said.

“For example, we can save a lot of money and with this huge amount of energy, if we can really put high-stress wires underground,” he continued, citing environmental degradation and forest fires. Above ground towers.

The president said: “Joe has a lot to convince me that I can use it to improve the environment.

Manchin first voiced his opposition to the CEPP weeks ago, but the Times reported last week that it could be terminated. Some party hawkers in the party have stated they will support non-payment if the plan contains other environmental provisions.


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