Bicycle to School Week – Bicycle Training and Bicycles

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September 30, 2021

For Bike to School Week, we were sharing our top tips to help everyone get ready to ride safely at the same time as fun!

You can find out more about the week in our blog here, or check out some more tips (including how to stay safe on the road) here.

Read school tips for the past two cycles ቱ ለ


Increase your self-confidence through cycle training

Bicycle to School Week Bicycle Trust offers bike training courses across the UK. Click below to learn more about the bike courses you live in.

Bicycle training teaches children – and adults – useful skills, making everyone safe on the road, from getting ready to ride your bike to negotiating hazards such as traffic lights and squares.


Try using a truck (or Ecargo) bike

Regular cycling can be so limited that parents with small children can stop riding a bicycle to school. However, families in and around the country are using truck and electric bicycles as an alternative to cars.

Truck bikes can improve family safety, and many have space to carry up to three children – so there is room for everyone! In addition, the large loading capacity of the bicycle also allows families to operate the local grocery store in a greener way.

Learn more about the benefits of Ecargo bikes in our blog.

Last updated – September 16, 2021

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